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Heart & Soul: Guidance through the Veil by Bee Helygen

Everything is connected, the great web of souls in the cosmos is like a spiderweb, delicate and with an array of millions of individual souls waiting to be born or reborn. They are strung like diamonds on the thread of eternal life. Each of us chooses which life we are born into next, if at all, and which form we will take in our next cycle.
If we choose to be human, we carry with us a blood connection, a Motherline and a Fatherline, like most species on the planet. We are not special in that, and we don’t know whether all living beings do not also have awareness of such blood connection with their ancestors, our arrogance and entitlement as humans often leads us to believe that they don’t. If you have ever witnessed a cow cry when her calf is taken away from her, you may change your mind.
So many humans on this planet are not aware what they carry in their blood and bones. They don’t understand the influence of the memories of the many lives lived before us, their experience of hardships and joys, the love and the hate, the feelings and emotions that shaped them and shaped the ones who taught us our understanding of this world. Fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers – mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers. We carry their prejudices, their beliefs, their language, their traditions, their connection to the parts in the world where they were born, raised, lived. All of those who came before us are part of who we are now. Most of our recent ancestors saw unimaginable horrors in two world wars, they carried the fears and terrors with them, and the world in which my Grandfather grew up is so different from the one he would witness today. Scientists now believe that we carry ALL of the memories of our ancestors somewhere in our DNA. Not just of the events from living memory but well beyond that. It does explain some of the unimaginable pain and confusion that I came across in my consultations with clients in Goddess House and in my counselling work. All of that pain finds a way from the psyche into the body, and if unreleased, can and will cause illness.

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Moon Breeze by Mary Bruce

Moronoe is the Morgen of Autumn
Under the Moon on an Autumn night, let Moronoe’s Moonbreeze drift though your thoughts. Her Moonbreeze slips between the pages of your life and eddies around the empty places. Bringing a new deeper scent, a richer dust, an earthier tone.
Her Moonbreeze emanates from the Moon, the psychic sphere.
Goddess, mystery, reflection.
Moronoe’s Moonbreeze brings change as reality.
Her Moonbreeze is our fingertips fluttering through our Sibylline Chronicles.
Her Moonbreeeze is the song of Blackbird at midnight.
Her Moonbreeze is the current of the immense psychic and spiritual fields of the Moon running through our thoughts and ideas.
Her Moonbreeze slams open or shuts the doors and windows of our minds.
Her Moonbreeze drifts through the rooms of our “house”
Her Moonbreeze swirls together unlikely thoughts; easily and rapidly bringing through new realities, gathering momentum into whirlwinds of paradigm change.
Her Moonbreeze is the Beauty of Autumn leaves twirling into crunchy carpets.
Her Moonbreeze is timeless and of the moment.
Her Moonbreeze whispers through the crystal caves of our intellectual treasure houses.
Her Moonbreeze creates flurries, patterns, ripples and even waves in the deep pools of our subconscious.
Her Moonbreeze feeds the Dragon Fires of our imaginations.
Her Moonbreeze allows our bodies to cool; excess is shattered off, ideas become tempered. Action is planned.
Her Moonbreeze carries the newborn thistle fairies on their first adventures.
Her Moonbreeze supports millions of murmurating starlings as they return home across the Somerset levels in late glowing Autumn dusk.
Her Moonbreeze moves through ripening crops and fruits bringing flavour and intensity.
Her Moonbreeze is the Air beneath our Morgen wings as we fly.
Her Moonbreeze lifts the rags of our Morgen Cloaks as we land in the darkness to transform our reality.
Moronoe’s Moonbreeze is our outbreath.
Our considered action.
Our ecstatic sigh of completion.
Moronoe’s Moonbreeze is the Wind of Change.
Mary Bruce offers Morgen Transformational Healing and Morgen Faerie Blessings at Goddess House. She also teaches the Morgen Sibyl and Morgen Shapeshifter courses www.morgenica.com. Get in touch with Goddess House to book a session with Mary. 

The Powerful Sound Healing Applications of Tuning Fork Therapy

By Marta Wroblewska

Tuning forks are very powerful tools for shifting the vibrations of our whole energy system. They are made of a special aluminium alloy, and by generating different sound frequencies they can be applied on different parts of the body or around it.

Dissonance outside and inside the body’s energy field is caused by particles vibrating at a disharmonious frequency. All ailments can manifest themselves within the body as a consequence. Tuning Fork Therapy utilises the resonance process to produce benefits whereby the primary vibration can cause the secondary vibration so that they both start resonating at the same frequency.

As sound waves travel through the body’s energy field, they help to establish new patterns of balance, replacing the detrimental ones of ill health. A domino effect takes place while vibrational shift begins at a cellular level, encouraging the body to return to its natural harmony. These profound changes are initiated by unblocking meridian pathways. Also, by strengthening energetic centres – the chakras – it enables the body to distribute their own healing energy to the places where it is needed the most.

The benefits of Tuning Fork Therapy are wide ranging. The most common are soothing effects on the nervous system, tension release, relief from pain, relaxation and an energising of the body as well as uplifting the spirit in times of deep sorrow, grief and depression. I apply the Tuning Forks to certain health issues using my intuition and logical assessment of the patients symptomatic condition combined with a Body Scan to detect health problems.

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Pose of the Month at the Autumn Equinox: Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II) By Louise Burton 

Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II)

At the Autumn Equinox day and night are once again in equal balance, and with the Harvest Moon we celebrate the Earth’s abundant provision for our survival through the colder, harsher days and months to come. After this celebration, the journey into winter begins as dark starts to conquer light, the days shorten and nights lengthen. To mark this point in the Wheel of the Year I was moved to focus on Virabhadrasana II.

Virabhadra is a warrior from Indian mythology, and we may take an awareness of that – and an inspiration – into our practice of this dynamic pose. One of three ‘warrior’ asanas, this standing posture builds stamina and brings energy and heat to the body. With a focused intent we can work on it and in it to build our physical strength and mental resources to face the challenges that deep winter may bring.

  • Improves stamina, posture and balance.
  • Strengthens legs, feet and ankles and helps correct fallen arches.
  • Opens the chest and shoulders and firms the arms.
  • Tones abdominal muscles and organs.
  • Neck problems: keep looking straight ahead throughout the pose.
  • High blood pressure: keep the arms down – try hands on the hips instead.
  • Pregnancy/back problems: step the feet apart to start – don’t jump.
  • Diarrhoea.


  • Stand in Tadasana (feet together).
  • On an exhalation, jump or step the feet 4ft or so apart and stretch the arms to the side, palms down.
  • Turn the left foot and leg in slightly (about 15 degrees) and the whole right foot and leg out 90 degrees. Right heel in line with the left instep.
  • On an exhalation, bend the right leg down to a right angle – keep the trunk upright.
  • Press both the back foot and front foot down firmly to ground the posture.
  • Relax the arms and shoulders while actively stretching them away from each other. Keep the wrists straight, fingers together.
  • Turn the neck and head to look along the front arm with a relaxed gaze.
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds, breathing evenly.
  • Come up on an inhalation pressing the back foot down.
  • Repeat to the other side.
  • For full benefit, repeat the pose twice on each side.

Work and Care in the Practice:

  • Keep the bent knee in line with (above) the heel, and ensure it does not extend beyond the ankle to avoid pressure on the knee.
  • The shin bone should be perpendicular to the floor – ensure the feet are wide enough to achieve this.
  • The front thigh should be parallel to the floor, so forming the right angle.
  • Take care not to tighten the shoulders, but rather draw them down away from the ears and lengthen from shoulder to fingertips.

Banbha’s Treasures of the Earth by Stephanie Mathivet

At the time of the Autumn Equinox we celebrate Banbha, Gaia and Nolava of Earth. This can mean many things. Some see Gaia representing the earth as the world, mother of all forms of life on this wonderous planet or Banbha as representing the earth beneath our feet, upon which we stand, thanks to gravity, and provider of food that sustains us, home to creatures great and small and place of hibernation. So when we bend to touch the earth we find we can take up handfuls of it, crumbling it between our fingers, smelling the distinctive musty odour that we have come to describe as ‘earthy’. Some people have mixed feelings about earth on their skin – do you wear gloves when potting plants or do your hands love to feel of earth as you embed your plants into their new homes? Do you encourage your children to play in ‘mud kitchens’, making mud pies or malleable mush or gloopy goo with various proportions of earth and water? Or do you tell them not to get their hands dirty or get mud on their nice clothes? When factors of time and place are accounted for, no one can deny the deep satisfaction children have from playing with earth. Likewise, with sand – especially at the beach – or with clay – real clay, not substitutes of ‘playdoh’ or plasticine, although flour and water dough is very earth-like. There is something primal about this in our natures which speaks of our indelible connection to the land, to the earth, to the soil that sustains us.

Human beings discovered the incredibly useful properties of earth as clay millennia ago when they found it hardened in the sun, later a fire or kiln, and, when dry, could be utilised for all sorts of marvellous creations. In Crete the museums are full of the most divine craftware as well as more rudimentary pieces, no less full of meaning and intent than the ‘posh stuff’. Perhaps the potter’s child picked up scraps to make models of animals for fun, as children do now, or sat with their families as each person made a piece that went in a loved one’s grave. A priest or priestess maybe made a model of the appearance of the Goddess to teach children the stories of the mysteries. Couples wanting babies made rather rough models showing lovemaking, pregnancy and childbirth to leave in sacred caves, full of divine love and earnest intent.

But there is another quality to this primal draw that earth or earthy substances have for us. There is a wonderful sense of connection that our feet have with earth; that sense of delight as we remove footwear and place bare feet on soil, sand or mud. It’s like skin to skin connection we had as babies to our mother, or, as adults, to our lover. There is something that is healing and relaxing about it. When you are tired and have aching feet, it feels good to put some soil in a bowl with some cool water and sit with your feet in it. Try one foot in that and your other foot in a bowl with just water. Feel the difference. Both feel cooling and refreshing, but the bowl with the earth and water is energetically quite special. Whether you are meditating, snoozing or browsing social media while you sit with feet in the mud, the earth is working its magic, drawing out negative energy accumulated through the day as stress or tension. Not only do your feet feel great, but your energy levels are revitalised too. If you have a cut or blister on your foot soil might not be such a good idea but salt or clay are other wonderful substitutes. For there is healing to be found in the treasures of the earth.

Packs and compresses have been used through the ages for healing. To draw out pus and poisons from wounds or boils, to make casts for broken limbs or as components of medicinal compounds. The world of beauty is also no stranger to clays for making masques to tone and purify the skin. There are many different clay treasures that can be used. Bentonite for example is popular (often marketed as Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay) and said to have properties for both external and internal use. Its safety is a matter of controversy as it contains quite a high proportion of lead – a known neuro-toxin- and the jury is still out as to whether it is safe to use or not. Fuller’s Earth is another old-fashioned compound used by our grandmothers and still used today. It has very strong drawing properties and has been used to lighten the skin. Kaolin or white clay is mineral rich, mainly used as a disinfectant and astringent, it is widely used in cosmetics. It was also teamed with a low dose of morphine to make Kaolin and Morphine, a compound used to ease vomiting and diarrhoea. Rhassoul (Ghassoul) is a wonderful Moroccan mud or clay which is used in soaps, or traditionally it is used in hammams as mud wraps and scrubs for its detoxing effect on the skin and good for drawing out impurities, such as blackheads. Green clay is quite a strong clay too, so is helpful for oily skin and acne, and yellow clay is a stimulating exfoliant. Sensitive and mature skins benefit from pink clay, which is milder, soothing and calming. Clays are effective skin treatments on their own, but the addition of oils (but not undiluted essential oil), dried fruit powders or hydrolats adds to their efficacy as a ‘prescription’ facial.

Mother Earth, we give thanks to you for the endless joy you give us in your many forms as our healer, teacher, provider of our homes and sustenance; your earthly treasures are endless.

Stephanie offers Lomi Lomi, Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage and Facials. Get in touch with the Goddess House to book a session with Stephanie.

NEW! Weekend Courses with Nandini Gibbins

Indian Head Massage Diploma Course:  
22nd & 23rd September or 24th & 25th November 2018

Indian Head massage has been used as a treatment to promote well being, relaxation and de-stress for over a thousand years in India. Indian Head massage is a detoxifying treatment to the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face, increasing energy levels. Nandini will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in this learning environment and you will be encouraged to communicate freely and openly in the class. 

Chakra Balancing Therapeutics:
6th & 7th October 2018

The Chakra Balancing Therapeutics Diploma Course explores the concepts of chakras and auras, giving full and clear explanations of how blockages in our chakras (energy centres) can lead to mental, physical, and spiritual discord. You’ll discover how to recognise the symptoms of these and how to heal yourself and others of specific conditions, through energy healing. Having learnt about the chakras system, how each can become disordered and how to go about bringing back balance, the course finishes with guidance on how to conduct a healing session. This includes instruction on how to prepare yourself, how to conduct the sessions, post-healing advice for the client, and some information on your ethical responsibilities.

Healing Touch (Hands, Arms, Leg and Feet Massage and Hand Reflexology):
10th & 11th November 

This course will prepare you to give an arm, hand, leg and foot massage. Plus, you will learn techniques to improve client’s well being via hand reflexology and how human touch is a powerful healing tool to help with stress and anxiety management. You will be able to perform this massage in a massage couch or in a chair, depending on your client’s needs. It is a good introduction to a full body massage course, helping you get comfortable with longer massage routines or as an add-on for massage therapists, looking to work with the elderly and with people with less mobility.

As part of all trainings, you will be practising and receiving a treatment yourself. Nandini believes it is as important for you to learn the different massage techniques as to experience them. Only experiencing, you will know what your future clients will feel during their treatments and time with you. 

All courses are a professional qualifications, you will be able to take up insurance, once you receive your certificate. For more information, please contact Nandini on info@nandinidasi.co.uk  or check website www.nandinidasi.co.uk 

Golden Glow of Summer by Bee Helyge

Being at a certain age myself, I know how important it is to look after one’s skin. A few weeks ago we were enjoying the hottest summer since 1976 (oh how I remember those golden days of my youth) and many of us were caught in the delicious, but often damaging, rays of the sun. Having observed many people on the Devon beaches this week, who look like lobsters, it got me to wondering how much the average British person actually knows about the healing of sun burn? Most grab the factor 50 or 30 from the supermarket shelf, whose ingredients include a very long list of some Latin names no one can pronounce or understand. The same goes with products for after care. Those are just as important as the sunscreen. Does everyone know that we can only be exposed to the sun for 20 mins, even with sun screen on? Or that most sun screen actually washes off once we are in the sea or swimming pool?

I have to admit, I don’t trust over the counter make up. My grandmother, who was from Andalucia, the hottest region in the south of Spain had a myriad of wise woman remedies, and her skin was luminous, even into her 70s. “Never put anything on your face you wouldn’t put into your mouth”, was one of her favourite bits of advice to us young women when I grew up. “You make yourself, you know what is in it”, was another. That went for meals as well as medicine and skin care. One of her favourite rehydration liquids was olive oil, usually made to smell a little better with some essential oil like orange blossom. This was mixed in a little brown bottle, 1/10 and lastet usually a week. “Never make too much, make less, make often, fresh is better”.

Her facial scrub consisted of peach kernels, very finely ground in a pestle and mortar, then cold cream was grated into it, mixed and packed into a small tin and pressed. Only she alone was aloud to use this concoction and woe betide if we were caught with her things. Cleansing your face was all important in a dusty country like Spain, and I was fascinated by what I called her ‘face ballet’. To cleanse the face she would use tiny circular motions, working counter clockwise, then rinse with hot water. Repeating the process with the soap and the movement a second time but then rinsing with cold water. Then patting the face dry, never rubbing.

For toner she would use witch hazel or her home made herbal vinegar toner (see below), a small cotton cloth, and once again repeat the counter clockwise circular motions, whilst applying the toner.

25 ml of dried rose petals, 25 ml of camomile, peel of one orange, 125 ml of vinegar, Kilner jar, 5 drops of olive oil/orange blossom oil. Combine the rose petals and chamomile, place them in the jar. Bring the vinegar to a full rolling boil. Pour the vinegar a little cooled over the herbs and close the Kilner jar. Shake the jar well every day. When the herbs lose their colour strain them out, the add a cup of water and the oil to the liquid. Leave the jar in a dark place for a week, strain again to remove any sediment. Apply to clean dry skin with the cotton cloth, avoiding the eye area.Give it a try, you may be surprised at how well it works.  

Once a week she would spend a good hour on her beauty regime, which included the slapping of her neck and chin 60 times, to prevent sagging. I do this myself now, and it actually works.

Thankfully nowadays at Goddess House we have several wonderful massage therapists who also do facials for those of us who can’t always manage the regime by ourselves in our busy lives. Taking 30  mins and just allowing ourselves to relax and enjoy is the least we can gift ourselves. When we are happy with the way we look, then we are much better company for others, and our family and work colleagues will thank us.

I let you into one more little secret my grandmother shared with me: crystals are the greatest healers and if you have caught the sun a bit too much, take a little piece of rose quarz or blue lace agate and rub it gently over your face and body to cool the burn. Ask the crystal to take the sting out of the burn, to turn it from an angry red into a golden glow. Don’t forget to thank the crystal for its help. Place it into a small dish with earth to cleanse. Crystals are our best healing friends.

Bee Helygen

Crystal Healer, Soul Midwife, Swynwraig (Wise Woman)

Happy Lammas by Stephanie Mathivet

At Lammas we welcome Ker as mother of the abundant harvest and Grianne, summer sun Goddess, who ripens the grains and fruits that fill Her cornucopia, Her ever-flowing basket of nourishment and nurture. In the late summer the sun queen shines a golden light across the land, imbuing the fields of ripening grain with warmth and Her life giving energy. As massage therapists, we celebrate this time as we receive the gifts from the Goddess as Her seeds and grains that are made into the luscious golden oils we use in our treatments. At one time the generic name of ‘carrier oils’ was given to them, referring to the oils as simply a medium to carry the added essential oils around the body during an aromatherapy treatment. For non-aromatherapy massage, these oils were considered as providing lubrication for the hands or ‘slippage’ and often substituted for a mineral oil, such as baby oil, which can go further, as it is not absorbed by the skin. However, we now have a much deeper appreciation of the values of nut and seed oils or vegetable oils as they are more commonly known.These sun ripened, energy rich oils provide far more than ‘slippage’ or medium for essential oils. Each one carries its own signature of nourishment to our skin being rich in vitamins and  ‘fatty acids’ essential to our health.

The sunflower is the quintessential flower of the sun; its glorious golden petals radiate like sun rays and at the large centre the most glorious array of seeds arranged on concentric spirals in what has been called the Fibonacci sequence, after a mediaeval scholar, and has been the subject of much investigation since as to how and why nature produces such geometric precision and perfection. For us, though, glorious Sunflower oil is rich in Omegas 9 and 6 as well as vitamin E, making it a nourishing oil for all types of skin. Sweet Almond oil is a beautiful emollient very similar to Sunflower oil in being similarly nutrient rich.
There are other oils that are less suitable on their own for massage but can be added to other vegetable oils to enrich it or for specific actions. Rosehip Seed oil, for example, is rich in beta-carotene as well as Omegas 6 and 3. It is said to help with skin healing, especially with scars, and keloids, as  well as being an anti-wrinkle agent. Argan oil, similarly, can be added to other vegetable oils to enrich it with Omegas and vitamins. It has been used for centuries by Moroccan women in skin and hair care as well as in cooking. Unrefined avocado oil, which is a deep green colour and with an aroma of its own, can also be added to enrich the skin nourishing properties of a basic carrier oil and is good for dry or mature skins.
Seeds or grains and nuts can also be used for skin care in scubs and face masks, enriched with flower or seed oils, such as Camellia or Jojoba, moistened with hydrolats of Rose or Chamomile, can provide nourishing skin treatments that can help with a range of skin types from normal to problem. Added powders of fruits such as Mango or Baobab in small quantities add to this luscious cornucopia without it being an extravagant use of food products.
We thank you Mother for your gifts on this most bountiful earth. Your golden seeds and grains bring your sun drenched vitality and nourishment to our bodies, inside and out.

The Healing Power of the Sacred Wells and Springs by Bee Helygen

In 1917 Dr Edward Bach collapsed during his rounds on the ward where he cared for injured soldiers. He was rushed into surgery, a large tumour was removed from his bowel but he was told that he had, at most, 3 months to live. He returned to work, and later in life he always maintained, that it was his sense of purpose and his belief in alternative remedies, the healing power of the natural world, that saved his life. His research into homeopathic remedies eventually brought him to understand that it wasn’t only the physical properties of plants that healed, but also the more ephemeral parts – what the great shamans in the indigenous tribes across the world already knew – the essence and the spirit. Of Welsh descent, he returned to his heritage of healer, and reclaimed the knowledge of his land. In his first remedies he used only flowers, as he felt they were the highest expression of the plant. The most important ingredient though and one of his original 12 healers, was pure spring water, or as he called it: rock water.

Rock Water is part of the designated cures for Overcare for Welfare of Others. In our lives we all have people who need us. It is a wonderful thing to be present for others, as healers we know this calling to our compassion. It is a noble and kind gift to the world. Yet, when we become dependent on that feeling of being needed, when our ego drives us to ‘be strong’ and ‘please others’, even to our own health’s detriment, then we have to listen to our bodies, and our souls, telling us to be kind to ourselves. If we are constantly exhausted and tired, we are no good to anyone, and in dire danger of falling ill ourselves. Rock water was recommended by Dr. Bach when we “deny” ourselves “many of the joys and pleasures of life” because we may be afraid that it interferes with our work. I use Rock Water from the White Spring myself, charged up with the required hours of bright sunlight, to recharge my batteries and plan a more ‘conducive to health’ workload. Rock Water gives us clarity of mind, it allows us to see when we fall into unhelpful and unhealthy patterns.

Use the remedy whenever you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tasks waiting before you, but also take time to find a brook, a well, a spring and sit by it, taking time to watch the water babble over the stones at the bottom, and throw in your feelings of inadequacy, of not being enough, of needing to be needed, in order to count in the greater scheme of things. We all know about the cleansing properties of water here in the Goddess community, but this knowledge is by no means ours alone. Dr. Bach’s recommendations, and his use of spring water in every remedy, shows us that this is one of the most important carriers of healing in this world of ours.

Dip your hands into the cool water, let it rinse over your palm (healing chakra) and over your wrist pulse, letting all that does not nourish you flow into the water. Allow it to show you how truly amazing, capable and wonderful you really are.

Blessed Be

Bee – Bach Flower Practitioner at Goddess House

Lomi Lomi Massage by Stephanie Mathivet

What is Lomi Lomi Massage? It is a style of massage that originated many generations ago in Hawaii and practised in families long before the missionaries came. They said it was sinful, all that touching on naked flesh, and banned it. But like other Polynesian traditions, such as the beautiful Hula dancing, it did not die out because of European decrees, but held securely in the hearts of the people until it was safe again to bring it back into the world. As with all things indigenous, there is a danger that the secret arts will be stolen, bit by bit, until they become the property of others, so for a time there was a reluctance to share with westerners. The men and women specialists in lomi lomi and spiritual keepers of sacred traditions held various lineage styles, handed down to new initiates in a complete form so the traditions would not be lost or watered down. Bit by bit they began to train western therapists in their art, rooted in Hawaiian philosophy of Aloha or Love. In many schools the initiate must keep to the traditional style, but this is hard for a flowing healer to resist creative improvisation as this too emanates from the heart. Styles then are ever evolving as each initiate grows in their art. Lomi Lomi means massage, to rub, to squeeze, to stroke and smooth, to claw like a cat on a blanket. It is a dance incorporating the movements and breath of the giver to keep the energy flowing and responding. It is a meditation, deeply connecting soul to soul as the giver moves over the receiver’s body. Lomi Lomi moves energy through the body, it moves the fluids of the body – blood and lymph- restoring their natural flow where they have become stagnant and blocked. It works deeply on the muscles, gently pressing, stretching and pulling so that the fibres and tendons relax and become supple once more.

Imagine you are by a sea, listening to the waves as they fall against the shore, maybe lying on the beach and feeling the water ebb and flow over your body. That is the rhythm of the lomi lomi massage, ebbing and flowing as hands and arms glide back and forth at a pace and pressure that is hypnotic and soothing. When the receiver surrenders into the flow, the experience is deeply nurturing and emotionally nourishing. This is a massage that is truly in the domain of Domnu, mother of the oceans, mother of the waters, the moon and the tides. Lomi Lomi offers her gift of cleansing, balancing, releasing, renewing through this queen of all massage styles.

To book your session with Stephanie, contact the Goddess House.

Body Scanning with Marta Wroblewska

What it is?

This is an electronic device based upon quantum medicine, that measures the frequencies of electromagnetic waves signals sent by your body.

A healthy liver will emit a very particular electromagnetic frequency, which is the ‘normal’. An unhealthy liver will emit a different frequency and the device will recognize and record this difference.

The analysis gives the results as an indication of abnormality in your body cells frequency.

How it works?

It considers that the electromagnetic wave signals emitted by the human body represent the specific state of the human body.

These signals are different under the different conditions of the human body, such as health disease, etc.

If we can determine these specific electromagnetic wave signals, we can determine the status of the body’s life.

The most fundamental reason of falling sick is that the spin of electrons outside the atomic nucleus and the orbit change. Explanation:

The analysis gives the results as an indication of abnormality in the cells frequency, being the actual deviation from the normal/healthy electromagnetic radiation.

How you can benefit from it? – It will show within 2 minutes:

  • Deficiency of the basic bio-minerals, vitamins, co-enzymes your body needs
  • Blockages in the body’s main organs and systems
  • Breakdowns of energy flow in meridians
  • Level of toxicity and heavy metals
  • Plus health care suggestions can be given for necessary treatment

Here is a video link of Marta talking about Body Scanning…


Contact the Goddess House if you would like to book a session with Marta.

Seasonal Balance through Acupuncture and Massage

By Ann Pelsmaekers

A healthy balance of Fire within each one of us at this time of year translates in playful and joyous interaction, a dynamic force that is met with optimism and excitement.  The Heart is home to our Shen, our spirit.  A strong spirit shows in our whole presence, the way we act and conduct our lives.  Life becomes more sensual at this time, and the increasing warmth brings us new vigour and zest for life. Warmth comes not only from physical heat, but also through the interaction of friendships and relationships.  We come together to celebrate and share the emerging fire within us.  Summer time moves us into the wider world as we find our place within it, letting our Fire become an act of communication and communion.  The Heart, our own sun within us, sings with joy, yet dark shadows may loom as this sun is hidden and our Heart becomes oppressed. Just as there is an expectation of the sun’s presence at this time of year, it is a disappointment when it fails to appear. This can be noticeable within us as well.

Are you feeling the free flow and abundant expansiveness of your life force, or are there still some cobwebs to clear? Through acupuncture and Tui Na massage, Ann can assist you in unblocking stuck energy, so you can feel the fullness of your being. By inserting hair-thin needles into specific points on the body, acupuncture stimulates the nervous system and connective tissue, activating the body’s natural ability to come to balance.  Acupuncture also greatly helps with keeping seasonal allergies at bay. Tui Na massage or Chinese massage uses a wide range of techniques, with the aim of removing blockages, releasing stagnation, improving blood flow, losing tension and easing the mind.  Tui Na is also very effective in treating acute or chronic pain in muscles and joints, wear and tear and is excellent for stress relief. These modalities leave you feeling your life’s flow more freely, more abundantly, a return of vitality and passion for summer.

Welcome to our first blog!

Hello and welcome to our first blog! From now on we will be putting up regular posts which will keep you up to date with what’s happening at Goddess House, as well as information about special events, therapies, trainings and special offers. Our first one is written by Priestess Healer Angie Twydall.

Goddess Healing with Womb Massage & Yoni Steams with Angie Twydall

As an integrated Priestess Healer Angie specialises in energy and bodywork therapies. From a starting point in massage, she has over 18 year’s experience in shamanic and alternative forms of healing. This includes: Womb Massage, Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage, Goddess Healing, Reiki, Seiki, Sekehm, Advanced Bowen Therapy and Emotional Healing. Angie also brings her expertise as a yoga teacher, specialising in pregnancy, postnatal and womb yoga. Fully insured, 18 years hands-on experience, accredited to the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Goddess Healing takes an inclusive approach bringing together knowledge and experience to help with current day issues, Motherline issues (back from mother to grandmother womb to womb), and past lives. Trauma can be from this lifetime in difficult births, abortion, still birth, rape, miscarriage, hysterectomy and any form of abuse. Read More…