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Angie Twydall

Angie Twydall

Angie Twydall is a Priestess Therapist, Healer, Yoga Teacher, Doula, and Sacred Bee Priestess with over 18 years’ healing experience. She blends together the combination of practical and grounded life skills with a magical, liminal life of living as a Priestess.

This year she is running a 9 day Teacher Training in Womb Awakening on Exmoor, working as an Certified Teacher Trainer for the Fountain of Life. Angie also teaches the Sacred Art of Priestess Healing and Sacred Bee Keeping in Glastonbury and Europe.

Anna-Saqqara Price

Anna-Saqqara Price

Anna-Saqqara Price is a Priestess of Avalon, Rhiannon and SoulStar Priestess of Isis (Esa Esa);  she loves to work bringing the healing love of the Goddess through in your healing. She is a experienced Priestess, ceremonialist and healer, working for many years at the Goddess Temple Ceremonial, New moon and Embodiment healing days, and at the annual Goddess conference.

She is professionally trained in I.T.E.C Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage, a Reiki Master healer/teacher, Intuitive and Isis lotus healer. She studied counselling and expressive arts therapy. Her own healing journey through Fibromyalgia lead her to explore Soul development ,working with trance medium/Priestess Sally Pullinger and her ascended guide Chung Fu since 2009. In 2012 she qualified as a Soul Support Systems UK Facilitator with Flo Aevia Magdalena. She is currently training in equine-assisted human development and learning verbal therapy working with horses, and runs Spirit Horse events.

Ann Pelsmaekers

Ann Pelsmaekers
Ann has a long-standing fascination with Chinese medicine and its strong connection to nature and the symbiosis of body-mind-spirit. She is professionally qualified in Tui Na massage, Acupuncture and Tibetan Foot Soaks. Whether you have acute pain, chronic illness or want to maintain wellness, she is dedicated to assist you in coming back to yourself, with heaven and earth restored.


Our bodies hold electromagnetic energy that circulates along energetic pathways.  Many different factors (life!) can cause these pathways to become blocked.  By inserting hair-thin needles into specific points on the body, acupuncture stimulates the nervous system and connective tissue, activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. During treatment, you commonly experience a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Acupuncture is most effective when applied as a course of treatments, and we explore the condition of your entire being during the first appointment, so we can reach beyond symptom management and address the root of any health issue.

Bee Helygen

Bee Helygen - photo by Daniela Seefelder

Bee Helygen is a Priestess of Avalon and Cerridwen, an Awenydd (Inspirer), a Swynwraig (Wise Woman) and OBOD Ovate (Druidic Healer).

She is an experienced ceremonialist and celebrant, who works with groups of visitors here in Avalon and as Priestess at the annual Goddess Conference.

Chrystėle Lafaye


Chrystėle is offering Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Reiki. Chrystėle is a therapist, healer and Sacred Bee Priestess, who trained with Angie Twydall. She sees Bees as amazing creatures on so many levels and they inspire her work to give gentle and nurturing holistic treatments.

Estelle Davenport

Estelle Davenport

Come and have a Goddess intuitive Oracling card reading with Estelle, where you will experience the Goddess talking to you and guiding you on your spiritual path. Come and let your soul speak to you about what it wants for you. Hear about the gifts you have and how your special combination of personality and your karmic journey could bring you happiness and fulfilment in this life time. Estelle is a Priestess of the Goddess as well as an integrative psychotherapist who is in training to become a sexologist and couple’s therapist. She offers individual and couple’s psychotherapist sessions in the lovely surroundings of the Goddess House and through facetime. She is experienced in offering healing through personalised bespoke ceremonies that are designed to mark your healing and your significant life events. People who have had Goddess intuitive Oracling card readings with Estelle in the past, report their lives and understanding of themselves have been significantly changed through what they have experienced during their readings. Please feel free to contact Estelle to discuss the ways in which she maybe able to support you in your personal journey.

Iona Jones


My name is Iona and I am a Healer, an Aromatherapist, a Massage Therapist and a Reflexologist. I am a mother, a sister and soul friend to many. I love my work. I love working energetically with people. I love giving deep, intuitive therapies from the heart.

I am also the Wedding Planner for Sacred Weddings in the Goddess Temple and I enjoy creating Healing Events, such as: Glastonbury Pamper Nights, The Coventina Spa at the Goddess Conference, Healing Circles and Yoga Retreats.

Louise Burton

Louise Burton

Louise is an experienced teacher and practitioner offering personal Yoga tuition, Therapeutic Massage and Reiki.

Trained in the Iyengar Yoga style, Louise welcomes and enjoys teaching all abilities: from beginners to the more experienced and those with particular health, physical or other requirements. She creates a personalised, non-pressured environment in which to start learning yoga, and a focused space for those wishing to build confidence in the postures they know and progress to new ones.

Louise practises Therapeutic Massage, a holistic method which combines the best of recognised and respected techniques for healing the body and calming the mind. In a treatment the client can enjoy a state of deep relaxation and emotional balancing and gain relief for a range of physical conditions.

Mandie Thorne

Mandie Thorne

Mandie is qualified in Hopi ear candling with a sinus massage, Reflexology, Indian head massage and Soul healing and is also a Reiki master-healer, a priestess of Avalon, and a priestess healer.

She also serves as a temple Melissa, a temple dresser, and as part of the temple embodiment team and on ceremonial healing days.

Mandie is also part of the Goddess House continuing development team.

Marion Brigantia

Marion Brigantia

I am a Priestess of Avalon and Brighid, serving Goddess and trained to be a channel for Her in many ways.

My work ‘Priestessing for You!’ is all about being in service to Goddess as well to the people who come to her to make a deeper connection with Goddess; in the land, in themselves and in relationship with others.

In this way, I wish to bring Her love and light, wisdom, healing and abundance (back) into the world and into people’s lives.

Marisa Picardo

Marisa Picardo is Priestess of Rhiannon, a therapist, healer, Soul Midwife/End of life Doula and celebrant. She walks Rhiannon’s path of love. She is a Temple Melissa and Temple Drummer and holds Sacred Sound Baths and Song Circles. She regularly Priestesses in the Temple Seasonal Ceremonies. She has been a Circle Priestess for the Conference; previously she has enjoyed the ‘love in action’ role of a Melissa.

Marisa is trained in many different lineages. Her healing work is supported by teachings from hypnosis, NLP, cognitive therapy, reiki, the shamanic medicine wheel, Thich Nhat Hanh teachings and sexual and emotional healing. She worked as a Registered Mental Health nurse for 28 years and now focuses predominantly on her priestessing and healing roles.

Mary Bruce

Mary Bruce

Mary is an award-winning member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. She is trained in both medical and plant sciences offering a reassuring, holistic approach to your healthcare using effective and safe medicinal herbs. Mary is a Priestess of Avalon, Soul Healer and Morgen Sister offering Morgen Transformational Healing and Soul Healing.

Herbal Medicine is appropriate for most of the concerns that you would take to your GP. A detailed medical case history, health screen, blood pressure and pulse will enable me to provide an individual herbal prescription specific to you and your needs. Dietary and lifestyle advice is also available. My approach is to look for the cause of your health problem. Herbal Medicine is well tolerated and can provide long-term relief from imbalances of the mind and body. Your herbal medicine will be prepared in my dispensary from a wide range of sustainable, quality herbs. It will be available for you to collect or have delivered (charges apply) the next day. Your herbs will cost around £5 per week for teas and creams, £10 per week for tinctures and syrups. Payment for your herbs by cash, cheque or BACS to Mary Bruce is due at the time of prescription. Repeats carry a £5 dispensing fee.

Nandini Gibbins


Nandini Gibbins is a Tutor, Priestess of Brighde, Healer and Complementary Therapist for over 15 years.

At Goddess House, Nandini offers a variety of therapies: Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Hot Bamboo Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Bach Flower Remedies and the healing arts of Reiki, Bridgit Healing, Goddess Healing and Card Readings.

Rachel Harris

Rachel is happy to offer Intuitive Soul Readings and Healing, Mediumship and Goddess-centred healing. Speaking about her work, Rachel says, “Through me, Spirit reconnects you to your own unbounded soul and intuition. I pass along healing energy with my hands and messages from Goddesses, Archangels, Ascended Masters and your own team of angels, guides and departed loved ones so you can heal yourself and reveal what has always been there: your bright shiny soul!”

Stephanie Mathivet

Stephanie trained in holistic therapies in 1990 and has practiced on and off for over 25 years. She trained in Swedish Massage originally and then in Aromatherapy as well as in Stress Management. In more recent years she trained in Hot Stone Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage and Thai Foot Massage. Reiki is incorporated in many of her treatments.

Zindra Andersson


Zindra is a Priestess of Avalon and of Freya. She is a healer, shamanic practitioner, course founder and tutor of the Goddess Temple training: The Way of The Völva. Zindra moved here from Sweden to live a life as a Priestess in service.

Zindra has worked with Norse shamanism for many years exploring the old ways of knowledge. She does drum and guided journeys into the otherworld. She holds workshops and trainings in Glastonbury and abroad, wishing to help others to transform and find Self-love. Many years ago she learned from the old spirit and Esoteric teacher Ambres. She is still using knowledge and tools given from this long ago Egyptian hierophant.

Zindra is a certified Soul Healer and Indian Massage therapist. She works with transformative trauma release caused by past life experiences. She is also happy to offer all kind of Priestess work such as energetic clearing, chakra balancing and Goddess blessings.

To book your session with Zindra, contact the Goddess House.