Therapies – Pampering – Healing

Estelle Davenport

Come and have a Goddess intuitive Oracling card reading with Estelle, where you will experience the Goddess talking to you and guiding you on your spiritual path. Come and let your soul speak to you about what it wants for you. Hear about the gifts you have and how your special combination of personality and your karmic journey could bring you happiness and fulfilment in this life time. Estelle is a Priestess of the Goddess as well as an integrative psychotherapist who is in training to become a sexologist and couple’s therapist. She offers individual and couple’s psychotherapist sessions in the lovely surroundings of the Goddess House and through facetime. She is experienced in offering healing through personalised bespoke ceremonies that are designed to mark your healing and your significant life events. People who have had Goddess intuitive Oracling card readings with Estelle in the past, report their lives and understanding of themselves have been significantly changed through what they have experienced during their readings. Please feel free to contact Estelle to discuss the ways in which she maybe able to support you in your personal journey.