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Holistic Body Massages

  • Full Body Aromatherapy Massage
Deeply relaxing and energising, with individually blended Aromatherapy oils 60 minutes, £50
75 minutes, £75
  • Aromatherapy Facial Massage
With individually blended Aromatherapy oils and face-mask based on your skin type 60 minutes, £50
  • Holistic or Swedish Massage
Relaxing or energising full body massage 60 minutes, £50
  • Back Massage
Relax the back, shoulders and neck
30 minutes, £30
  • Reflexology
Specialised, deeply relaxing foot massage using pressure points to release toxins and energy blockages
60 minutes, £45
  • Hot Stone Massage
Hot stones help relax muscles, soothe away pains:
Full body 90 minutes, £65
Neck, back & shoulders 60 minutes, £50
  • Lomi Lomi Massage
The “Hawaiian” Massage which releases tension from the body and encourages relaxation 2 hours, £90
  • Hot Stone Lomi Lomi Massage
Lomi Lomi using hot stones to further relax the body 2 hours, £95
  • Tui Na Massage
Full body massage, re-balancing the flow of Qi, helping to bring you to a healthy, balanced state
Seated massage – neck, shoulders, arms 30 minutes, £30
Full massage 60 minutes, £50
90 minutes, £70
  • Warm Bamboo Massage
Deep tissue massage keading muscles with heated bamboo for relaxation and  well-being, increasing circulation, decreasing muscle tension
Full Body 90 minutes, £75
Back, neck and shoulders 60 minutes, £50
  • Indian Head Massage
Relax the head and shoulders, let go of the burdens of life 45 minutes, £40
60 minutes, £50
  • Traditional Thai Foot Massage
Using Thai foot sticks to stimulate reflex points, working on “Sen” lines from the Ayurvedic tradition, with a therapeutic massage of the legs and feet, and foot wrapping 60 minutes, £50
  • Advanced Bowen Therapy
A soft tissue osteopathic-style therapy, designed to remove pain and imbalances by restoring the structural integrity of the body
First treatment 60 minutes, £60
Follow up 45 minutes, £55
  • Pregnancy Massage
With specially trained therapist. Nourish your body 60 minutes, £50
  • Womb Massage
For trauma, infertility and gynaecological problems
First treatment 120 minutes, £120
Follow-up 60 minutes, £60
  • Womb Massage plus 1:1 Yoga
120 minutes, £130
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Deluxe Goddess-centred Treatments

  • Nolava’s Deep Healing
Includes a divine Priestess Blessing from Avalon; 80 minutes’ full body aromatherapy massage with specially-blended Nolava oils, plus 30 minutes of Soul, Sound, Crystal or Energy healing 120 minutes, £95
  • Brighde’s Blessing
Includes a Priestess Blessing of Brighde, Goddess of Healing, 90 minutes Hot Stone or Holistic Massage with warm, specially-blended oils plus 30 minutes of Energy and Sound Healing 120 minutes, £95
  • Ostara’s Awakening
Step into the dance of springtime with a full body skin brush treatment or scrub.  Followed by invigorating Swedish or stimulating aromatherapy massage with a blessing for renewed vitality, energy and laughter. 90 minutes, £80
  • Rhiannon’s Blessing of Love
Includes a Sensual Blessing of Rhiannon; 80 minutes’ full body aromatherapy massage with specially-blended Rhiannon oils, 30 minute aromatherapy facial treatment 120 minutes, £95
  • Domnu’s Water Blessing
Includes a Priestess Water Blessing, Sacred foot washing and anointing with rosebuds and aromatherapy essential oils, 90 minute deeply relaxing Lomi Lomi or Holistic Massage 120 minutes, £95
  • Madron’s Blessing of the Mother
An especially sensitive massage technique to help recognise and release the body’s stress or trauma holding patterns, eased with the golden warmth of wheat grass packs and nurturing essential oils from the Mother Goddess’ cornucopia of love 120 minutes, £95
  • Banbha’s Earth Blessing
Includes a Priestess Earth blessing with either 50 minutes of Reflexology or Thai Foot Massage, or a healing with crystals and etheric weaver.  Plus 40 minutes of Soul Healing 90 minutes, £80
  • Blessing of Dark Mother Cerridwen
Guided journey to Cerridwen’s cave includes an elemental Oracling.  With hands-on Healing including the use of Crystals, Sound and Vibrational Rebalancing, Aura Strengthening and Resealing, and a Soul connection summary (Soul reading). 120 minutes, £95
  • Danu’s Air Blessing
Includes a Priestess Blessing of Air with Danu, Sound Healing and an Indian Head Massage, or back, neck and shoulder massage with selected essential oils 90 minutes, £80
  • Morgen Faerie Blessing
A Priestess-guided journey beyond the veils to Avalon for deep Soul Healing held within the energies of Morgen La Fey. Completed by a grounding ceremony of foot anointing with a sacred herbal oil of earthing and protection 90 minutes, £80
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Special Wedding Packages

  • Wedding Couple Massage 
 Deluxe treatments with two massage therapists 60 minutes, £100
  • Special Wedding Pampering
 For couples 120 minutes, £200
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Goddess Healing

Offering a range of energetic healing practices which allow the Goddess’s healing energy to flow between healer and client to aid and improve health and well-being.

Goddess Wheel
  • Deep Soul Healing
Connect to the calm centre of your Soul and to the healing energies of Goddess, opening the heart, healing the body, emotions and mind, expanding consciousness 60 minutes, £55
  • Soul Healing
Connecting Soul and Body, Emotions and Mind to the Healing Love of Goddess 60 minutes, £50
  • Brighde Healing
Elemental Goddess Healing with Brighde combining Healing Touch, Sound and Body Work 60 minutes, £50
  • Soul Essence Healing Journey
A deep, initiatory soul healing, clearing the body of old energy and journeying to source to reconnect with more of your soul’s original essence 90 minutes, £90
  • Sound Bath
Deeply relaxing Sound Bath with singing bowls, chimes, ting haws and gong, quieting your body and chakras 60 minutes, £45
  • Isis Lotus Healing
Hands on energy healing working with Egyptian Goddess Isis, Sekhmet and Hathor 60 minutes, £50
  • Reiki Healing
An ancient, natural form of hands-on healing enhances all aspects of life, unblocking energy, allowing it to flow freely and rebalance the body in a positive way 30 minutes, £30
60 minutes, £40
  • Cerridwen Swynwraig Healing
Druidic healing using five senses/elements, revitalising your Soul connection 60 minutes, £40
  • Tuning-Fork Therapy
Clearing meridians, healing life challenges, healing barriers in life 60 minutes, £50
  • Goddess Healing with Two Priestess Healers
Working together with energy and sound with one person 60 minutes, £60

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Specialist Treatments

  • Acupuncture

Rebalancing flow of energy through insertion of fine needles into specific points on the body. Awakens, strengthens and focuses the body’s capacity to heal with specially trained therapist


Initial consultation

90 minutes, £60

Follow up

60 minutes, £40
  • Acupuncture plus Tui Na Massage (see earlier)
75 minutes, £60
  • Herbal Medicine
For all kinds of physical ailments
Initial consultation: 90 minutes £65 plus cost of herbs
Follow-up: 30 minutes £35 plus cost of herbs
  • Yoni Steam
For cleansing and relaxing the delicate tissues of your inner Womb Temple, using organic herbs and steam.  Helps clear emotional and energetic hooks 40 minutes, £45
  • Ear Candles & Sinus Massage
Deeply relaxing, helping clear your ears 30 minutes, £30
45 minutes, £40
  45 minutes, £40
  • Client-led Individual Treatments
Combinations of massage, healing, etc decided by client 90 minutes, £75
120 minutes, £90
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Goddess Readings, Talking Therapies

  • Intuitive Healings and Readings
Connect to your soul, Goddess and your guides to give you messages and healing for your body, mind and soul about any area of this or past lives 30 minutes, £30
60 minutes, £50
  • Soul Readings
A conscious reading of your aura and the energies that lie within and around the body and Soul, for insight on current challenges 30 minutes, £30
60 minutes, £55
  • Oracle Card readings with Tarot, Motherpeace cards
For spiritual guidance and insights from the Goddess through her Priestess. A healing way to get clarity around your circumstances and pathways 30 minutes, £30
60 minutes, £50
  • Morgen Magical Mediumship
Receive messages and healing with Morgen La Fey, connecting to departed loved ones and ancestors 60 minutes, £50
  • Card/Astrological Readings and Counselling
What, When, Where, How? Life Path, Calling, Relationships, Travel and Relocation 30 minutes, £35
60 minutes, £60
  • Talking Therapies
Counselling, NLP, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy 60 minutes, £45

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All our therapists are experienced, professionally trained and insured practitioners

Please note that payments made by Credit Card incur an additional charge of £2.50.  There is a cash machine nearby.