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Our Specialist Treatments

  • Full Body Aromatherapy Massage
With individually blended Aromatherapy oils 60 minutes, £50
  • Aromatherapy Facial
With individually blended aromatherapy oils and face-mask based on your skin type 60 minutes, £50
  • Holistic Massage
Relaxing or energising full body 60 minutes, £50
  • Back Massage
Including neck & shoulders
30 minutes, £30
  • Reflexology
A specialised, deeply relaxing foot massage using the pressure points on the feet to release toxins and energy blockages
1 hour, £45
  • Hot Stone Massage
Full body 90 minutes, £65
Neck, back, shoulders 1 hour, £50
  • Indian Head Massage
1 hour, £45
  • Lomi Lomi
The “Hawaiian” Massage which releases tension from the body and encourages relaxation 2 hours, £90
  • Advanced Bowen Therapy
For those bones and ligaments that are out of alignment First treatment – one hour, £50
Subsequent treatments, 45 minutes – £40
  • Ear Candles
Effective and safe for the removal of ear wax 30 minutes, £30

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Goddess Healings

  • Goddess Healing
Two Priestess Healers working together with energy and sound with one person 1 hour, £60
  • Goddess-centred Healing
Different modalities for difficult life wounds and dis-eases – Deep Soul Healing, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing with Crystals, Brighde healing, Aura Soma From £40 per hour
  • Womb Massage
For trauma, infertility and gynaecological problems First treatment 2 hours, £90
Subsequent treatments 1 hour, £50
  • Herbal Medicine
Initial 90 minute consultation £60 plus cost of herbs
Follow-up 30 minutes £30 plus cost of herbs

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Readings and Talking Therapies

  • Life and Soul Readings
For life guidance and direction using Tarot cards, Motherpeace cards or Goddess Oracle Cards and Priestess wisdom 1 hour, £45
  • Talking Therapies
Counselling, Life Coaching, NLP 1 hour, £45

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Beauty Treatments

  • Pampering Manicure
With hand massage, natural products £25
  • Shellac Manicure
14-day nail polish £30
  • Waxing
Half Leg £25 Underarms £20
Full Leg £30 Half Leg + Bikini £35
Bikini £20 Eyebrow £15

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Deluxe Goddess-centred Treatments

  • Nolava’s Deep Healing
Includes a divine Priestess Blessing from Avalon; 80 minutes’ full body aromatherapy massage with specially-blended Nolava oils, plus 30 minutes of Soul, Sound, Crystal or Energy healing   2 hours £95
  • Rhiannon’s Blessing of Love
Includes a Priestess Blessing of Rhiannon; 80 minutes’ full body aromatherapy massage with specially-blended Rhiannon oils, plus 30 minute aromatherapy facial treatment  2 hours £95
  • Domnu’s Water Blessing
Includes a Priestess deep Water Blessing, Sacred foot washing and anointing with rosebud, peppermint, rosemary and essential oils, plus 90 minute deeply relaxing Lomi Lomi Massage 2 hours £95
  • Danu’s Air Blessing
Includes a healing Priestess Blessing of Air; 60 minutes of reflexology plus 30 minutes of Soul, Sound, Crystal or Energy healing 1 hour and a half £80
  • Morgen Faerie Blessing
A Priestess-guided journey beyond the veils to Avalon for deep Soul Healing held within the energies of Morgen La Fey. Completed by a grounding ceremony of foot anointing with a sacred herbal oil of earthing and protection  1 hour and a half £80

All our therapists are experienced, professionally trained and insured practitioners

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