Therapies – Pampering – Healing

Zindra Andersson


Zindra is a Priestess of Avalon and of Freya. She is a healer, shamanic practitioner, course founder and tutor of the Goddess Temple training: The Way of The Völva. Zindra moved here from Sweden to live a life as a Priestess in service.

Zindra has worked with Norse shamanism for many years exploring the old ways of knowledge. She does drum and guided journeys into the otherworld. She holds workshops and trainings in Glastonbury and abroad, wishing to help others to transform and find Self-love. Many years ago she learned from the old spirit and Esoteric teacher Ambres. She is still using knowledge and tools given from this long ago Egyptian hierophant.

Zindra is a certified Soul Healer and Indian Massage therapist. She works with transformative trauma release caused by past life experiences. She is also happy to offer all kind of Priestess work such as energetic clearing, chakra balancing and Goddess blessings.

To book your session with Zindra, contact the Goddess House.