Bee Helygen

Bee Helygen is a Priestess of Avalon and Cerridwen, an Awenydd (Inspirer), a Swynwraig (Wise Woman) and OBOD Ovate (Druidic Healer).

She is an experienced ceremonialist and celebrant, who works with groups of visitors here in Avalon and as Priestess at the annual Goddess Conference.

Bee has trained as an Emotional Healer with Kathy Jones, Visioner of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple. She holds an IICT Diploma in Crystal Healing. She is a certified Reiki healer, and a Bach Flower therapist trained at Mount Vernon, Oxfordshire, Dr. Edward Bach’s home. She has reclaimed a healing tradition based on the teachings of ancient Welsh Wise Women, the Swynwragedd.  This healing is guided by the transmittance of the Soul and Body song of the client, using the resonant frequencies the body emits by which a diagnosis of dis-ease and wellness of the client is based, bringing it into harmony and balance. Tuning into and moving through the energy fields in the body, the aim is to restore the harmonics throughout. This includes sounding and toning, instruments like auric and Koshi chimes, leading to vibrational adjustments through the medium of song and sounds directed by channeled instructions from the Goddess. “Our hands, hearts, souls and voices are dedicated tools for our Goddesses”, according to Bee’s vision of healing. The use of crystals, aromatic oils, flower essences and sacred spring water completes the journey with the senses and elements to attune the client to full recovery of their equilibrium.

Bee also regularly assists at the Goddess House Healing days, Ceremonial Healing days, and hosts the monthly Dark Moon ritual at the Goddess Temple, where healing energy is sent into the world.

Thanks to Daniela Seefelder for the photograph of Bee.