Holistic Health and Educational Centre

Goddess House DetailGoddess House is part of the Educational outreach of Glastonbury Goddess Temple, where we hold Priest/ess Training courses and offer public daytime, evening and weekend classes in Goddess spirituality, crafts, healthy eating, etc. Please have a look at the Goddess Events to find out what Goddess Event you can go to.

Bridannia Room

The Bridannia Room

The Goddess Educational centre is centred in the Bridannia Room (Bride/Anna), which includes a Goddess and Healing Library, and study facilities.

Goddess Rooms for Hire

Larger and smaller private Rooms at Goddess House and the Goddess Hall are available for hire to local and visiting groups, who wish to hold their events in an especially dedicated Goddess environment.

For Enquiries about Room Hire for Goddess House and Goddess Hall please contact 01458 899043, or contact us here.  You can also find more information on this website, for that go to the links above. If you’re booking a room, please use this form.

These Rooms include: the Nolava Room, Brighde Room, Rhiannon Room, Keridwen Room, Banbha Room, as well as other smaller rooms.