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Brighde Room detail

Brighde Room detail (click for a larger image)

Goddess House, on Magdalene Street, offers a welcoming space for ceremonies, Goddess Temple and other trainings, workshops, talks, visiting groups, creativity and other Goddess related events.

Each of the many rooms in Goddess House is dedicated to a specific Goddess on the Wheel of Avalon.  The rooms hold different energies tbut hey can be used for all kinds of Goddess events.

Artha Healing Room

Artha Healing Room (click for a larger image)

The Goddess Hall, in Benedict Street, is the biggest of the rooms we have available and is dressed in the colours of the season, but hold the energy of the entire Wheel of Avalon.

You can find more about the individual rooms at Goddess House and about The Goddess Hall via the links below.

Goddess House Rooms: Nolava Room, Brighde Room, Rhiannon Room, Keridwen Room, Banbha Room, as well as other smaller rooms.

Goddess Hall

Don’t hesitate to contact us to book a room in Goddess House, or the Goddess Hall.