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Caraline Collett

Caraline is honoured to be offering shiatsu at Goddess House. In shiatsu she uses massage, bodywork and meridian work to meet you in the places where body and emotions meet. Your body can open like a flower, with the physical and emotional discomforts easing away. In her 15 year practice, she’s seen the physical benefits of a physical treatment with deep presence. This she loves.

Shiatsu can be very effective with physical issues such as a frozen shoulder or sciatica. It is also wonderful during pregnancy, as it can help bring the body into greater harmony with pregnancy, removing persistent aches and irritations such as constipation.

Shiatsu is a full body treatment, without oils, fully dressed, on a futon on the floor. I’ll use my whole body to work with yours. This may include gentle stretching, or strong stretching, as needed. Meridian work will include appropriate pressure along the most relevant meridians for you that day. In meridian work, there is an energetic/emotional meeting as well as a physical meeting; in fact, it is the same thing. This helps the body release aches and pains, physical and emotional. Also, in your session, there may well be gentle steady rocking of your arms or/and legs. This creates wonderful ‘cradle’ where the predictable movement encourages your muscles to release. And so your body can open, like a flower.