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Monthly Ceremonies

Every month we run Sacred Ceremonies at Goddess House. These are powerful ceremonies designed to transform and empower ourselves. They will include Cord Cutting Ceremonies, Despacho Ceremonies, Empowerment Ceremonies, Womb Blessing Ceremonies and more! Booking advisable.


Glastonbury Goddess Temple is pleased to be able to offer Personal Ceremonies for individuals and groups, led by its dedicated Priestesses and Priests. The Goddess Temple trains Priestesses and Priests dedicated to the Lady of Avalon, and to the many faces of the ancient British Goddess, including Brighde, Rhiannon, Cerridwen, Artha, Eostre, Domnu, Ker, Great Mother, Banbha, Crone, Keridwen, Danu, Arianrhod. We also create ceremonies for World Goddesses such as Isis, Aphrodite, Hekate, Diana, Tara – so please tell us your favourite Goddess.

A ceremonial bonfire

Ceremonies are best pre-booked, so that we can arrange for an appropriate Priestess for you.  If you’d like a personally designed ceremony for a special occasion, for a group/family event, please contact us for help in co-creating your ceremony.

Personal and Group Ceremonies

Individual ceremonies (except where price stated below):
30 minutes – £30, 60 minutes – £55 / Group ceremonies 3-9 people: 30 minutes – £60, 60 minutes – £110

Invoking the Presence of the Goddess

  1. An introduction and blessing of the Goddess in Her many aspects revealed through the cycles of the seasons of Her nature on the Wheel of the Year. With a Priestess of Avalon, of Brighde, Rhiannon or Cerridwen.
  2. A longer introduction by a Priestess about her dedication to Goddess with an invocation and blessing of the Goddess to whom she is dedicated.

Ceremonial Elemental Blessing

  1. A Ceremonial Blessing of the five Elemental Goddesses, with Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.
  2. A Ceremonial Blessing with Invocation of the 9 Goddesses in our Wheel, by a Priestess of Avalon, of Brighde, Rhiannon or Cerridwen.

Goddess Blessing Ceremony

  1. Invocation and blessing of a particular Goddess, either linked to the season, or to the gifts that Goddess brings.
  2. Invocation and blessing of a particular Goddess, including calling in the Goddesses on the Wheel of the Year.

Empowerment Ceremony

A beautiful ceremony, releasing old blocks, patterns, habits, bringing in the loving power of Goddess to support you in your new visions, plans and wellbeing.

Inner Journey to Meet the Goddess

A guided Inner Journey to meet the Goddess of your choice.

Womb Blessing Ceremony

Clearing your womb or womb space energetically after miscarriage, abortion, surgery or trauma, and to bless and bring in the healing love of the Goddess.

Cerridwen Womb Blessing

This is a beautiful ceremony held by Priestesses of Cerridwen to honour and bless pregnant mothers.


Tie Cutting Ceremony

To energetically cut ties to a situation or person. This can help with relationship difficulties or divorces and frees up your energy, bringing in the love of the Goddess.

Despacho Ceremony: Gratitude / Celebration / Release

These ceremonies are held by Bee Helygen, a Priestess of Cerridwen. It is created to assist individual to heal and move on from old issues, celebrate new life stages, and to sow the seeds for new endeavours.

90 mins – £75

An indoor ceremony

Specialist Group Ceremonies

Goddess Oracle Ceremony

  1. A Priestess Oracles the words of the Goddess in response to your questions. With any Goddess of your choice, for example: Lady of Avalon, Brighde, Rhiannon, Cerridwen or others. 1-3 people – 30 mins £40.
  2. A Priestess Oracles the words of the Goddess, Including an Elemental Blessing and/or Inner Journey to meet the Goddess, or a longer Oracling session. 1-3 people – 1 hour £70 / 4-9 people £100 / larger groups will need 1½ – 2hrs.

Goddess Embodiment Ceremony

  1. A deep energetic transference of the living energy of the Goddess through Her dedicated priestess. It can involve healing touch, sound, voice and personal messages depending on how Goddess chooses to reveal Herself to you. This profound ceremony requires two Priestesses to attend, one to embody and one to hold space for the embodiment. 2 Priestesses 1-3 people – 30 mins £60
  2. Goddess Embodiment including an elemental blessing or guided journey as preparation. 2 Priestesses 1-3 people – 1 hour £110 / 4-9 people £160 1½ hours

Group Packages

‘Welcome to Avalon Ceremony’

A powerful introduction to the energies of the Isle of Avalon, it involves a welcome talk and intro to the Goddess Temple, a Priestess-led guided Sound journey to the Isle of Avalon and individual 1:1 time with a Priestess embodying the Lady of Avalon, guided by her Ferryman/Priest, Glastonbury spring water, chocolate & fruit refreshments presented by a Temple Melissa.

3 Priestesses + 1 Temple Melissa £350

Small groups 3-12 people in the morning/evening, appx 1 ½ hours long.

Ceremonial Goddess Healing

Our beautiful and powerful group Goddess Healing package which is held in 2 rooms of the Goddess Healing House.

Your Group will be welcomed by a Priestess and given an introductory talk & tour of Goddess House. She will then create sacred space by invoking the Goddesses of Avalon on our Wheel of the year. Your group will be given individual Ceremonial Elemental Blessings, and then be given individual Goddess healing in pairs, with sound bath accompaniment. These deep short energetic healing hands on treatments are given by 3 Priestess Soul Healers.

4 Priestesses £440, aprox 2.5 hrs. Small groups 3-12 people

(1:1 Goddess Oracle/Embodiment session by a Priestess at the end is a perfect extra: £140)

A ceremony in the landscape

Ceremonies on the Land and guided Goddess walks

Please ask if you would prefer to hold your ceremony in the landscape of Avalon, and/or would like a Priestess to guide you ceremonially around the landscape of Avalon.

1:1 From £85 for half day-£150 all day. Group rates available on request.

To book a Ceremony or for further information Tel. 01458 899043 or contact us here.