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Goddess Deluxe Therapies

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  • Lady of Avalon’s Deep Healing
A divine Priestess Blessing from Avalon including 80 minutes private transmission/embodiment, followed by 30 minutes of Lady of Avalon Healing OR full body Aromatherapy, Holistic or Deep Tissue Massage and 30 minutes of Soul, Sound, Crystal or Energy Healing. 120 min, £100
  • Brighde’s Blessing
Includes a Priestess Blessing of Brighde, Goddess Healing, 90 minutes Hot Stone OR Holistic Massage with warm specially blended oils, plus 30 minutes of Energy and Sound Healing.     120 min, £100
  • Mother of Fire Awakening
Step into the dance of springtime with a full body skin brush treatment or scrub. Followed by invigorating Swedish or stimulating Aromatherapy Massage, with a Blessing for renewed vitality, energy and laughter.            120 min, £100
  • Rhiannon’s Blessing of Love
Includes a Sensual Blessing of Rhiannon, 80 minutes full body Aromatherapy Massage and a 30 minute Facial treatment OR Healing. 120 min, £100
  • Mother of Water Blessing
Includes a Priestess Water Blessing, sacred foot washing and anointing with Aromatherapy essential oils, plus a 90 minute deeply relaxing Lomi Lomi OR Holistic Massage.           120 min, £100
  • Blessing of the Great Mother
A deeply nurturing Massage using an especially sensitive technique to help recognise and release the body’s stress or trauma holding patterns with essential oils from the Madron’s cornucopia of love. Finally, be wrapped in a warm blanket to receive a blessing from the Great Mother.  120 min, £100
  • Mother Earth’s Blessing
Includes a Priestess Earth Blessing with either 50 minutes of Reflexology OR Thai Foot Massage, OR a Healing with Crystals and Etheric Weaver. Plus 40 minutes of Soul Healing. 90 min, £90
  • Blessing of Dark Mother Cerridwen
Guided journey to Cerridwen’s cave with an elemental Oracling, Hands on Healing, Crystals, Sound and Vibrational Rebalancing, Aura Strengthening and Resealing, and a Soul connection summary (Soul reading).             120 min, £100
  • Mother of Air Blessing
Includes a Priestess Blessing of Air with Danu, Sound Healing and an Indian Head Massage, OR Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage with selected essential oils.         90 min, £90

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