Holistic Health and Educational Centre

The Goddess House Healing is a Holistic Natural Health Centre situated on Magdalene Street in the heart of Glastonbury.

Created by the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, we offer loving, Goddess-inspired space where you can receive natural healing therapies in beautiful surroundings from experienced professional therapists and healers.

At the moment we are closed due to COVID-19 but we hope we will be back working soon. Safety is our top priority and we have carried out a risk analysis and are closely monitoring government and industry guidelines.

We are committed to support you in healing, keeping grounded and connected to Goddess during these challenging times. We are offering a wide variety of online 1:1 sessions, such as Goddess Healing, Soul Healing, Deep Soul Healing/Reading, Past-life Hypnosis, Chakra Clearing/Balancing, Mediumship and Distance Healing. We also offer Goddess Love Bubble Meditations from our Facebook page.

NEW Healing Arts Sessions

We are delighted to share that for July and August we will be offering you our brand NEW Healing Arts Sessions, every Tuesday at 5pm.

These online Zoom sessions are offered by our renowned Priestesses and Healers who share their wisdom and healing gifts with you through a variety of healing arts to inspire, empower and support your healing journey – all from in the comfort of your own home. Follow the links to book your ticket via eventbrite.

July Healing Arts Sessions

7 July: Circles of Healing from Mother Earth, with Bee Helygen – Book via Eventbrite

14 July: Self-Reflexology on the Hands: Reducing anxiety and stress and promoting health for yourself and family/friends, with
Nandini Gibbins – book via Eventbrite

21 July: Painting Goddess: Journey to meet the essence of Goddess within you, then express her through intuitive Goddess painting, with Anna-Saqqara Price – book via Eventbrite

28 July: Healing with Mother Earth Series: Part One – Reconnecting to Nature, with Rachel Harris – Book via Eventbrite

NEW Embodied Healing Journeys

Join the Goddess House for a magical guided journey to meet Goddess. The Priestess will bring through embodied healing blessings and messages from Goddess. Every Friday at 7pm via Zoom.

17 July – Journey with Anna-Saqqara Price – book with Eventbrite

24 July – Journey with Rachel Harris – book with Eventbrite

31 Jul – Journey with Estelle Davenport – book with Eventbrite

We are also offering:



Mondays at 12pm: Goddess Love Bubble Meditation

Tuesdays at 5pm: Healing Arts Session via Zoom

Wednesdays at 12pm: Goddess Love Bubble Meditation

Fridays at 7pm: Embodied Healing Journey via Zoom

Events on our FB Page. See above for information on the Healing Arts Session.

Free / By Donation


Receive Goddess Healing and love to support you at this time. Experience Her protective and transformational energy.

Grounding and Chakra Clearing
Energy/Sound Healing
Goddess Blessing including Goddess Love Bubble

1 hour ~ £40


Give yourself time with Goddess to ground, soothe and calm yourself. Let Her heal, guide and protect you in Her Goddess Love Bubble.

Goddess Grounding and Chakra Clearing ~ 30 mins
Goddess Energy/Sound Healing and/or Reading and/or Visulisation ~ 75 mins
Goddess Blessing including Goddess Love Bubble ~ 15 mins

2 hour ~ £100

Please contact us to make a booking

Please check our Facebook page and Instagram  for updates. Keep well and rest easy in the arms of Goddess.


Goddess House is a beautiful Georgian house situated right in the heart of Glastonbury – on Magdalene Street, overlooking the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey.

Goddess House is the newest venture created by the Priestesses, Priests and Melissae of Glastonbury’s Goddess Temple, and is a MotherWorld enterprise, where we live according the values of love, care and support for the Earth, for each other and for the world. Here we aim to make Goddess more visible in the world.


In Goddess House we are facilitating three Goddess Temple visions:

An holistic Natural Health Centre centred in Goddess

A Goddess Educational Centre

A Venue with beautiful workshop spaces and group rooms you can book for your Goddess ceremonies and events