Jerome Zoran

Jerome Zoran

Jerome is a Priest of Isis and a deep soul medium. He is also a certificated Thai Masseur, Crystal Sound Healer, performing musician and music producer.

Jerome is offering:

Emotional Release Bodywork Sessions

Jerome works with physical, emotional and spiritual healing to go deep into the emotional body and subconscious mind. Using touch, sound and crystals, Jerome helps you recognise and dissolve old, painful, negative belief patterns, emotional blockages, past trauma and pain.

60 mins – £135
120 mins – £175

Shungite Empowerment Coaching

Jerome guides you onto a Divine Road where you discover the Golden Hidden Power of Shungite and the “Shungite Inner Coaching Way” to Deep Soul Connection and self-mastery…

Learn how to fully express the Mastery of your Inner Being.. Activating the Spiritual Power of your voice to fully arrive, transmitting your true authentic Soul Sound…

You will discover the raw power of many different crystals to help enhance your Light Body and expand your Chakras. Discover the special power of Shungite to clear your field, ground and augment your personal power, &  strengthen your Chakras.. and mental and emotional bodies…

Experience the QUANTUM HEALING and ALCHEMY of Shungite Fullerene molecules as they energise and boost your throat Chakra…

Find out how SHUNGITE helps you release Emotional Blocks 
Assisting you to manifest your Souls’s Purpose…

Align to your highest creative frequency and Bring through the inspiration of your most authentic self…

1 Hour – £155
2 Hour – £195

Thai Massage

In 2005 Jerome went to Thailand to study Traditional Nuad Bo Rarn Thai massage or Thai yoga massage at the I.T.M School of Thai Massage. Having studied and practiced other forms of Massage Therapy, finding the Thai Arts was a door opener into a world of bliss… ever since Jerome Zoran has become ever more passionate about the Thai Massage Arts and strives to bring an enlightening, healing, aligning and uplifting experience given to the best of his Evolving Ability.

Thai is a traditional therapy combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.The idea of Shen-lines alias energy-lines was first used as “Thai yoga massage”.

Working with Jerome is a unique, powerful, life-changing experience. Come and bathe in the power of shungite, sound, and many other crystals. Feel the presence of Goddess Isis lifting you up while Her healing energy permeates deep within you.

Crystal Healing

In Jerome’s Crystal Healing Sessions he delights in welcoming you to a beautiful array of rainbow colour crystal helpers that he has spent over 20 years collecting. These Beings are millions of years old and are therefore able to help boost and empower your Chakras and in turn boost and enhance the power of your emotional, mental and energy bodies of light. Jerome holds a deep and sacred space, facilitating you in an experience of having special crystals on the body that coincide with the energy/power centres or chakras.


After speaking to Jerome on the phone I knew it was my calling for a facilitated Crystal Healing!

My session was amazing, as I lay there covered in a vast array of rare gems and crystals I realised that this was real work, a deep work I’d been searching for!

His compassion, gentleness, great spirit, intelligence, facilitation and soothing masculine voice (High Vibrations) were the keys to unlocking my pain, every knot, blocked emotion and trauma held in my ankles and womb centre was now moving up through my body towards my head and I released orally through sound…. “Wow was that really me?”

At first it sounded weak but became stronger from my core.

It felt like a singing lesson, then I realised these beautiful sounds were voices of vibrant tones, voices that I could hear inside my body all those years previously!

I heard a child who never got the chance to express herself emotionally, the voice of an opposed melanin female persecuted over life times that needed to speak, shout and roarrrr hard..

…. and finally she could do that with someone who understood and was deeply spiritually guided and who was a great student of The Ascended Master Chung Fu. The session was absolutely amazing.

A student of the Alchemy crystal Shungite, and the Shungite way! … who definitely qualifies in my school of knowledge and healing as he taught me something no one had ever done before and that was how to love myself more than ever, whilst learning how to harness my Hara and Chakras through facilitating my crystal healing journey.

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