Joanne Foucher

Joanne Foucher

Joanne is a Priestess of Avalon, a massage therapist and a Moon Mother®, an author and an artist. She is passionate about helping women experience their femininity and their moon cycles as empowering. She offers Womb Blessings®, Womb Healings and women’s massage / fertility massage after Birgit Zart, a gentle massage originally designed to support women wishing to conceive, but beneficial to all women.

Joanne has been involved with the Glastonbury Goddess Community for 15 years, serving as circle priestess in the Goddess Conference and in temple ceremonies. In Germany she has developed and taught a priestess training for several years, facilitated Red Tents and worked as a healer, before finally moving to Glastonbury with her family in December 2018.

As a Level 1 Moon Mother® trained by Miranda Gray, Joanne is qualified to give a personal Womb Blessing® – female energy awakening and/or a Womb Healing – female energy balancing. Both treatments work with the beautiful energy of the Goddess.

In the course of our moon cycle, we move through four archetypal energies, which need to be experienced and expressed. However, since we live in a society that is primarily linear and does not support this feminine cyclic way of being, most women have grown up either never knowing about these four energies or learning to suppress some of them – often unconsciously.

A Womb Blessing® is a beautiful session of energy work, designed to activate those energies in the cycle that are either dormant or suppressed, with the aim of integration and an increase in well being and health. Receiving a Womb Blessing can help you open or deepen your awareness of the Goddess and help you awaken to your authentic femininity to embrace and express the full power, beauty, love, creativity and sexuality of the woman that lies within you. It can be experienced as a merging of your female nature with the Goddess.

To receive a Womb Blessing it does not matter whether you are still cycling or holding your wisdom blood, and you can receive it up to the 20th week of pregnancy. An attunement is always followed by four weeks of integration.

The Womb Healing very gently works with the energies that are already awake in the woman, harmonising and aligning these, so we can flow more gracefully from one archetypal phase to the next. It energises the three main female energy centres, which can bring wholeness, stress relief and feelings of being centred, safe and empowered within our femininity again. The Womb Healing can help clearing blocks in our archetypal energies so that we live a richer version of our femininity, accessing the creativity, sexuality, intuition, clarity, wisdom and spirituality that lie in our authentic nature. Furthermore a Womb Healing is a wonderful way to support peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women as they go through the archetypal energy changes to become completed women.

A Womb Healing can be given as often as a woman wishes. It can help with irregular or painful moons, with low energy and with the integration after a Womb Blessing.

It is possible to combine the treatments and receive both in one session.

As a massage therapist, Joanne offers fertility massage, often simply called women’s massage, after Birgit Zart. This massage was originally developed by the American healer Joseph Bestford Stephenson and later expanded by London gynecologist Dr. Gowri Motha. Brigit Zart brought the method to Germany, where it became the most widely known form of alternative support for women hoping to conceive.

The fertility massage / women’s massage is beneficial to all women, regardless of whether they wish to conceive or not. It provides a gentle support for women who do, and is very beneficial after a miscarriage or generally when having problems with the female organs. In general the massage is a very nurturing and energising treatment. It is a very gentle, short massage on the neck, back and abdomen that detoxes, relaxes and tones the inner organs. It helps regulate the hormons and activates the self healing powers of the body.

When the massage is given as a fertility massage to support conception, the treatment is a series of six massages over a period of six to eight weeks. Out of respect for the workings of your body there is no massage during menstruation. After a six month period of rest, this is followed by another series of six massages. If you are undergoing IVF treatment, the massage can be received up to implantation of the fertilised egg, but not after.

When the massage is given as women’s massage, it can be received once a week (but again not while menstruating) as frequently as you wish.