The Goddess House School of Holistic Therapies opened its doors in March 2019, bringing to students comprehensive weekend courses in massage therapy and healing modalities where high standards of teaching are our passion.

Courses will begin again in Spring 2022

The idea of the School was born out of the necessity for a more rounded approach to learning Complementary Therapies, where the concepts of energy and energetic connectivity among people were taught, understood and realised, enabling students to be fully prepared when working with energy fields and human touch.

This inspiring project is being led by Nandini Gibbins, an experienced teacher and therapist (see below for more info). All courses at the School are fully accredited as professional qualifications by IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists). Students will receive a manual, certificate on completion of the course and support from tutor during and after courses.

For more information, please visit Nandini’s website.

Georgeana Gibbins – Nandini


Georgeana Gibbins, aka Nandini, is a Tutor, Complementary Therapist and Priestess of Goddess and Brighid with 20 years’ experience in therapies and 8 years of teaching. She has taught in Somerset, Devon, Europe and South America, and has also taught at Chulmleigh Community College.

In addition, Georgeana has developed didactic materials for courses and companies, including the training manuals for the Goddess House School of Holistic Therapies, where she teaches a variety of Holistic and Energy Healing Courses throughout the year.

Georgeana has always been drawn to a holistic approach to health, well-being and women’s and men’s health as a way to heal body, mind and spirit. Originally from Brazil, Georgeana has been living and working in Britain for the past 23 years.

Her love for Goddess and training as a Priestess has made her embrace and channel an even deeper healing vibration that can be felt in her work. She serves the Goddess Temple as a Melissa and Goddess House as a tutor and therapist. Georgeana is also in her last year of training to become a fully qualified Psychotherapist and Counsellor with BACP.

She has a PhD in Philosophy, loves thinking and writing the interconnectedness of Goddess Spirituality and Philosophy. In the wider community, she writes articles about Myth, Symbolism and Path of Goddess, for the universities and other publications in the UK and worldwide.


“Each student felt included and supervised in a caring way” A.N.

“Excellent material in written form, two day course length useful and effective use of time” F.S.

“Tutor is very well informed about the subject, approachable and down to earth” R.C.

“A fantastic course, I would strongly recommend this training to anybody. I found Nandini to be an intuitive and supportive trainer, I truly felt I had received exceptional training, along with the confidence to treat other people.”S.J.