Weekend Retreats

Goddess House Priestess Healers are now offering Seasonal Group Retreats around the Wheel of the Year. Come and take part in Ceremony, Creativity, receive Healing, Walk on the Land of Avalon. A variety of activities and modalities, with the focus on the season of the year and the Goddess of the season. All guided by Priestess of Avalon Healers, in a small group format. The Retreats take part over a weekend, typically Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm, so plenty of time to relax and reflect.

A previous participant says:

“The Spring Equinox Empowerment Retreat was a deep soul and healing journey for me. Anna and Katie with their team of healers and Priestesses guided and held the retreat with warmth, skill and grace. They powerfully evoked and guided me into the realm of the Goddess and the deep magic that resides there, in the process guiding me into the heart of my own Goddess nature; my deep knowing, my capacity to love, and my light. For a weekend retreat it sure did pack a lot in without ever feeling strenuous, some of the delights included guided meditations, a walk on the land of the Goddess, creating a vision board and intentions, a fire ceremony, a 1:1 healing and, finally, an embodied encounter with the Goddess. Over the course of the weekend I felt the layers of the resistance, tiredness and pain I had arrived with dissolve in Artha’s fire, and by the end of the retreat I felt energised, empowered and ready to move forward. The small group format meant that participants receive a lot of contact and support from Anna and Katie and it felt intimate, relaxed and fun. It was a privilege and an unforgettable experience to work with these experienced and gifted Priestesses.”


We are holding a Goddess House Seasonal Retreat around the Wheel of the Year and we’d love for you to join us. The dates for 2022 are:

Beltane Retreat: Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th May

This retreat will be focusing on Heart healing and will be held in the loving embrace of the Goddess Rhiannon, to receive Her love, nurture and the healing wisdom of soulful horse and human connection. See more information about this upcoming retreat below.

Litha – Following Her Flow:  Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th June

At Litha we will focus on the element of Water and visit some of the sacred water sources in Avalon. Private Access to Glastonbury Goddess Temple and Guided Visualisation to meet the Goddess. Dropping into Her creative flow immersing in your ocean of soul with a writing workshop with Katie Player. One to one healing with a Priestess Healer. A luscious Sound Bath to connect you deeply to the element of Water. Private Access to a beautiful Water Temple for a full moon anointing ceremony. Culminating in an Goddess Embodiment Ceremony.

Lammas – The Great Mother: Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st August

A weekend of deep bone rest and ceremony honouring of the mother in us all.

Autumn Equinox – Earthing your power: Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd October

A weekend of Earth focused Empowerment Ceremony, creative activities, exploring the Isle of Avalon and personal healing.

Samhain – Wise Woman healing: Saturday 5th  – Sunday 6th November

Connecting to your inner wisdom, Tie Cutting ceremony and deep healing.

Weekend Group Retreats are priced on a sliding scale from £250 – £200 depending on circumstances.

Please contact us to book.


Beltane Retreat Details

The weekend will include working with an Equine therapy herd of horses. There will also be Private Access to Glastonbury Goddess Temple and Guided Visualisation to meet the Goddess.

Powerful One to One healing Sessions. Gentle movement therapy, exploring the Isle of Avalon. Culminating in head dress making and a Goddess Embodiment Ceremony.

Saturday 14 May

Morning: Welcome and Guided Journey to meet Rhiannon – Goddess Temple

Afternoon: Meet the Herd and receive their Horse Wisdom to help you heal your heart and connect to their healing presence

Sunday 15 May

Morning: Gentle Goddess movement and dance, followed by 90 minute one-to-one Deluxe Therapy/Healing Treatment

Goddess Embodiment Ceremony to meet Rhiannon and receive Her loving presence, healing and messages – held by Priestess

The price for the Retreat Weekend is £240 – £180 (sliding scale)

Please contact us for more information and to book.

horse with priestess