Goddess House Healing Retreats

Goddess House Healing Retreats

These non-residential Healing Retreats are hosted by Priestess Anna-Saqqara and Goddess House’s experienced Priestesses and Healers. They will guide you on deep journeys of healing and renewal through Ceremonies, Guided Journeys, 1:1 Healing / Massage, Therapeutic and Creative workshops, Walks in Her landscape and visits to Sacred Temples, culminating in a powerful Embodiment Ceremony to Meet The Goddess and receive Her healing, messages and wisdom.

These non-residential Weekend Group Retreats are priced from £280 – £200.

If you want you can pay less and receive a shorter 1:1 treatment as part of the weekend program.

 £280 = 90 mins healing or massage treatment

£250 = 60 mins healing or massage treatment

£220= 30 mins healing or massage treatment

£200 =  no healing or massage treatment

 It costs £50 to reserve your place. There are limited places as these are small intimate groups. Please contact Goddess House Healing to reserve your place, we also have a list of recommended local B&Bs.

Goddess House Healing Retreats

Bride’s Dreaming Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 February 2023

Bride brings you Her healing energies to assist and nurture you. Temple Priest Trevor will guide you to walk in Her sacred Landscape to Bride’s Mound where you can drum in your intentions and commune with Her in Her sacred land Temple. Our amazing Goddess House Therapists offer you 1:1 healing or massage treatments that afternoon. In the evening Temple Thalia Priestess Michelle will offer a Sound Bath allowing you to dive deep into the Dreamtime to prepare you for a sleepover in one of our Goddess Temple or House sacred Spaces. Francesca will offer somatic yoga Sunday morning in the Goddess House. You will them be guided in a creative writing session with Priestess Katie Player to assist you in integrating and interpreting your weekend’s experience. We will close with a Embodiment Ceremony with Sound journey by Priestess Kyah where you will receive personal messages from The Goddess, as embodied by Her Priestess.


Ostara‘s Empowerment Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April 2023

Ostara, the Spring Goddess, brings you Her spring fire and blossoming to encourage and energise your empowerment and healing. We will meet in the Goddess Temple to set your intentions for the weekend with a Drum Journey to meet your totems, guides and the Spring Goddess Ostara, with Temple Priestesses Anna-Saqqara and Michelle. Guided by Priestess Amber you will ceremonially make your own fire rattle to work with,  filled with the seeds of your intentions. In the afternoon you will receive 1:1 soul healing / massage / card reading from our Goddess House Therapists and in the late afternoon you will be guided in a Burn, Release and Empowerment Fire Ceremony outdoors at sunset, by Priestesses of Avalon Anna-Saqqara and Katie Player (bring your drums and rattles!) On Sunday start the day with a Lady of Avalon Love Bubble meditation where you will learn how to energise your chakras. Then you will create a vision board to empower your dreams / projects / visions with Priestesses Katie Player and Anna-Saqqara. We will close the weekend with a beautiful Embodiment Ceremony where you get to meet the spring Goddess Ostara as embodied by her Priestess, and receive 1:1 messages and healing.


Rhiannon’s Womb Empowerment Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 May 2023

Join us as we share Rhiannon’s deep womb healing, empowering you to be able to step into your sovereignty. You start your journey with a welcome ceremony in the Goddess Temple, where you can set your intentions and will be guided to meet Rhiannon and her horses via a drum journey guided by Priestess of Avalon and Rhiannon Anna-Saqqara. Priestess Vicky will led you in womb-energising Belly Dance, enabling you to free up your body and dance in her passionate flow. Our Goddess House therapists offer you 1:1 healing and massage, focusing on womb healing. Sacred Birth Keeper Chrystèle and Priestess Annie offer a Red Tent and deep Munay Ki Womb healing ceremony. Experience working with real horses: learn how to set your boundaries and listen to the wisdom of horse to empower your intentions, guided by Horse Shamanka Anna-Saqqara. We close the weekend with a deep, powerful Embodiment ceremony meet the Goddess Rhiannon as embodied by a Priestess of Avalon to receive personal 1:1 messages from the Goddess.


Domnu’s Soul Pearls Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June 2023

Join us as we dive into Domnu’s watery depths to retrieve the pearls of your soul. We will meet in the Goddess Temple on the Saturday morning and our Temple Priestesses will welcome you and take you on a guided sound journey to meet Domnu and set your intentions. You will each receive 1:1 healing and massage from our brilliant Goddess Temple healers and therapists. We will visit the White Spring to receive Her watery anointing and receive Magdalene Messages From Priestess Rachel Harris. You will be guided to connect to the wisdom of your womb, via the Holy oils of Myrrophore to heal and re-awaken your Grail Mother Gifts, with Magdelena Priestess Hannah Graceful Dawn. You will be taken on a Crystal Bowl Sound Journey to meet The Goddess Domnu in an beautiful Embodiment Ceremony to close the whole weekend.


Ker’s Creative Nurturing Saturday 12 and 13 August 2023

Ker shares her creative birth giving and nurturing essence with you to empower yourself, family, projects and business. After meeting in the Goddess Temple to set your intentions and journey to meet the Goddess with our Temple Priestesses, you will be guided to heal any Motherline wounding that might be holding you back from fully birthing your soul gifts into the world, with Sacred Birth Keeper Priestesses Chrystelle and Priestess Annie Sapseed. You will also receive 1:1 healing from our Goddess House healers and therapists, and experience an Embodiment Ceremony to close the weekend.


Banbha’s Harvest Saturday 30 September and 1 October 2023

Journey with Banbha, Earth Goddess, to nurture, harvest and empower your soul’s gifts. We meet in the Goddess Temple to set your intentions and journey with sound to meet the Goddess to receive her gifts and wisdom. Priestess Vicky will guide you to feel the beat of The Earth Mother within your body and dance to Her Rhythms, in Her landscape. You each receive 1:1 healing / massage / reading from one of our Goddess House therapists. Star Priestess Kyah will guide you into exploring how Chiron the centaur / Shamans placing in your astrological chart reveals how you can empower yourself through your sacred wounding. We will work with real horses to empower you to be able to step forward embodying your gifts in an aligned and integrated way, guided by Horse Shamanka Anna-Saqqara and the Spirit horse herd. We close the weekend with an Embodiment Ceremony to meet the Goddess through one of her Priestesses and to receive 1:1 healing and messages.

Goddess House Healing Retreats

Cerridwen’s Healing Cauldron Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 November 2023

Cerridwen shares the gifts of her cauldron for your healing and transformation. Meet in the Goddess Temple to set your intentions and be guided on a journey to meet the Goddess and experience a Burn, Release and Empowerment Ceremony to transform all that no longer serves, guided by Priestesses of Avalon Anna-Saqqara and Michelle. Receive Her Healing Wisdom and creative essence and ceremonies to support you as we dive into Her wintry darkness, with Priestesses of Cerridwen and Bee Helygen, teacher Priestess.


Danu’s New Year Visions Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 December 2023

Join us to celebrate the New Year in a sacred ceremony at the Goddess House and Goddess Temple. Journey to Meet the ancient ancestress, Danu, to receive her blessings in the Goddess Temple with Priestesses Anna-Saqqara and Michelle. Experience a Sacred Sound Ceremony to set your intentions for the new year. Drum to the sunset up on the Tor, saying farewell to the year. Receive Arianrhod’s Star wisdom in a astrological workshop to focus on how the stars will align with for you with Star Priestess Kyah. Meet the Goddess in a Embodiment Ceremony with time for 1:1 connection and messages. Close the weekend with our Star Mother New Year’s Eve Ceremony in the Goddess Hall, facilitated by Priestesses of Avalon.

Goddess House Healing Retreats

Previous Retreat participants say:

Spring Equinox Retreat:

“The Spring Equinox Empowerment Retreat was a deep soul and healing journey for me. Anna and Katie with their team of healers and Priestesses guided and held the retreat with warmth, skill and grace. They powerfully evoked and guided me into the realm of the Goddess and the deep magic that resides there, in the process guiding me into the heart of my own Goddess nature; my deep knowing, my capacity to love, and my light. For a weekend retreat it sure did pack a lot in without ever feeling strenuous, some of the delights included guided meditations, a walk on the land of the Goddess, creating a vision board and intentions, a fire ceremony, a 1:1 healing and, finally, an embodied encounter with the Goddess. Over the course of the weekend I felt the layers of the resistance, tiredness and pain I had arrived with dissolve in Artha’s fire, and by the end of the retreat I felt energised, empowered and ready to move forward. The small group format meant that participants receive a lot of contact and support from Anna and Katie and it felt intimate, relaxed and fun. It was a privilege and an unforgettable experience to work with these experienced and gifted Priestesses.”

Danu Retreat:

Thank you Anna, Michelle , Kyah & Charlotte. Excellent retreat & can’t wait to be back soon again. It was beautiful  meeting everyone. Highly recommend book. It is the gift you can give yourself.

With Gratitude

For me, the Danu seasonal retreat was an opportunity to celebrate the new year in a more meaningful way than partying and drinks. I experienced deep rest, healing and connection in a safely held setting, and was surprised and delighted at the depth of the two-day experience. The gorgeous sound journeys transported me with great care to my true home, deep within myself. The healing therapy was an extraordinary, experience of loving, healing hands on my poor, tired body for an hour and a half – an absolutely beautiful gift to myself. Drumming up the sunrise on the Tor on New Year’s Day was so powerful and a fantastic way to start the year! I plan to go to all the seasonal retreats – highly recommended.  Kristina

Goddess House Healing Retreats