One of our newest creative offerings is our Goddess House Monthly Ceremonies! From this month Priestesses will be running monthly Sacred Ceremonies at Goddess House. These are powerful ceremonies designed to transform and empower ourselves. They will include Cord Cutting Ceremonies, Despacho Ceremonies, Empowerment Ceremonies, Womb Blessing Ceremonies and more! Our first one will be a Cord Cutting Ceremony with Priestess Anna-Saqarra Price on Friday 25 January 2019, at 7.30pm.

Also new for this year are our inspiring Seasonal Goddess Ceremonies. These will be run by priestesses and students from the different Priestess Trainings offered in Glastonbury, at each of the eight seasonal festivals throughout the year. The idea is to give experienced priestesses of the different faces of Goddess and those in training the opportunity to work together and to share their particular priestess gifts with the public.The first Ceremony will be offered by trainee Priestesses of Brighde on Thursday 31 January at 7.30pm –  by donation. The second will be offered by trainee Priestesses of Avalon on Thursday 21 March.