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Goddess Healing

Offering a range of energetic healing practices which allow the Goddess’s healing energy to flow between healer and client to aid and improve health and well-being.

Goddess Wheel

  • Deep Soul Healing
Connect to the calm centre of your soul and to the healing energies of Goddess, opening the heart, healing the body, emotions and mind, expanding consciousness.       60 Min £55
  • Soul Healing
Shamanic inspired soul healing using drums, rattles and the voice. Connecting soul and body, emotions and mind to the healing love of Goddess. 60 Min £50
  • Shamanic Healing
This ancient method works with the individual and the spirit of the illness to bring back a state of equilibrium to the body, mind and spirit. Working with the drum, rattle, feather, sacred herbs & spirit helpers. Treatments include: Blessing Ceremony/Soul Extraction/Drum Extraction/Cutting Ties/Soul Retrieval/Stone Cleansing/Psychopomp/Balancing & Aligning Energy Centres. Cost Varies – please enquire for price
  • Brighde Healing
Elemental Goddess Healing with Brighde combining healing touch, sound and body work.      60 Min £50
  • Soul Essence Healing Journey
A deep initiatory soul healing, clearing the body of old energy and journeying to source to reconnect with more of your soul’s original essence. 90 Min £90
  • Sound Bath
Deeply relaxing sound bath with singing bowls, chimes, ting haws and gong, quieting your body and chakras. 60 Min £45
  • Isis Lotus Healing

Hands on energy healing working with Egyptian Goddesses Isis, Sekhmet & Hathor. 60 Min £50
  • Reiki Healing

An ancient natural form of hands on healing enhances all aspects of life, unblocking energy, allowing it to flow freely and rebalance the body in a positive way. 30 Min £30
60 Min £45
  • Chakra Balancing
Energetic healing to balance the chakras.   
30 Min £30
60 Min £45
  • Cerridwen Swynwraig Healing
Druidic healing using five senses/elements, revitalizing your Soul connection. 60 Min £50
  • Morgen Transformational Healing
Healing in the presence of the Nine Morgens of Avalon. For those who seek change and healing Morgenical wisdom. 60 Min £50
  • Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls
Works on a cellular level to clear the energy channels and auric field, release mental and physical stress and treat a range of conditions. Clients can enjoy deeply relaxed and meditative states and re-harmonisation of mind and body. With bowls placed either directly on or around the body, the sound energy penetrates the physical self and works at a deep level to root out pain, anxiety and old patterns of being as the cells start to vibrate at a rejuvenated frequency. 60 Min £45

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