Goddess Centered Healing

Offering a range of energetic healing practices which allow the Goddess’s healing energy to flow between healer and client to aid and improve health and well-being.

Nolava Room altar

Deep Soul Healing

Connect to the calm centre of your soul and to the healing energies of Goddess, opening the heart, healing the body, emotions and mind, expanding consciousness.

60 min £ 60

Soul Healing

Shamanic inspired soul healing using drums, rattles and the voice. Connecting soul and body, emotions and mind to the healing love of Goddess.

60 min £ 55

Isis Lotus Healing

Hands on energy healing working with Egyptian Goddesses Isis, Sekhmet & Hathor.

60 min £ 60

Reiki Healing

An ancient natural form of hands on healing enhances all aspects of life, unblocking energy, allowing it to flow freely and rebalance the body in a positive way.

30 min £ 35
60 min £ 55

Chakra Balancing

Energetic healing to clear and balance the chakras. Great for releasing heavy, dense energies. Regular chakra work can help protect the body from effects like mobile phones /toxic energies.

30 min £ 35
60 min £ 55

Crystal Healing

Crystals are carefully chosen depending on your needs and are placed on the key energy centres of the body, aiding the body’s natural vibration healing abilities to clear and shift stagnant energy and amplify good health.

30 min £ 35
60 min £ 55

Brighde Healing

Elemental Goddess Healing with Brighde combining healing touch, sound and body work.

60 min £ 55

Cerridwen Swynwraig (Wise Woman) Healing

Celtic druidic healing with Earth Mother guidance, Gaiamancy for the body, using soul connection to feel obstacles and obstructions to energy flow (nwyfre), removing them and strengthening the seven energy bodies. Hands on healing, recovering soul purpose and guiding back to the path.

90 min £ 75

Starlight Energy Healing

Starlight Energy Healing is a unique transmission of a higher dimensional star. It is both gentle and transformative. In its light, entrenched mental habits, hurts, loops and limits dissolve. The receiver embodies more fully and more purely as her true self. Ease and inspiration follow.

30 min £ 35
60 min £ 60

Emotional Release Shungite Bodywork Sessions

Shungite is a carbon based crystal coming strongly into the service and protection of humanity and the earth at this time. It works with the physical, emotional and spiritual healing qualities of shungite to go deep into the emotional body and subconscious mind. Using touch, sound and crystals it will help you to recognise and dissolve old, painful, negative belief patterns, emotional blockages, past trauma and pain.

90 min £100

Soul Essence Healing Journey

A deep initiatory soul healing, great for times of intense change, trauma or just deepening your soul connection. These individually focused treatments combine tie cutting or solar chakra alignment, clearing the body of old stuck dense energy and journeying to the soul creatrix Mother Goddess to reconnect with the source of your soul’s blueprint and ground it back into your body. This is a very deep initiatory journey enabling you to live more fully, shining and embodying your soul’s original essence.

90 min £123

Avalon Soul HealingTM

This soul healing is based on Dion Fortune’s work, using visualisation, path working, consciousness mediation and energy flow weaving, to reach the shadow part in you from which unhelpful thoughts and feelings rise, and contra-indicated life choices are made.

Removal of external and internal negative thought forms and shadow entities. Mitigation of negativity, filling energy voids with the love of the Goddess. Connection to your Ancestors, Guardians, Spirit Guides to aid your path onwards.

60 min £ 60
90 min £ 85

Multi-dimensional Soul Healing and Guidance (Intuitive Healing)

Multidimensional Healing is whereby you receive deep healing and integration for mind, body heart and soul through profound soul connection and wisdom across time and space. You receive healing, messages and guidance about any area of this life or relevant past lives from the Divine, Goddess, Archangels, your soul and your own team of guides, angels and departed loved ones.

60 min £ 68
90 min £ 97

Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

With bowls placed on and around the body, the sound penetrates deep into the cells to heal mental and emotional stress and help a range of physical conditions. Also treatments for chakra and aura balancing, cleansing and strengthening. Fully clothed.

30 min £ 35
45 min £ 50
60 min £ 65

Sound Bath

Deeply relaxing sound bath with singing bowls, chimes, ting haws and gong, quieting your body and chakras.

30 min £ 35
60 min £ 55

Goddess Sound Healing Ceremony/Sound Bath

This brings you in deep connection with the Goddess, creatrix of the Universe and of all life. In this ceremony you will receive the blessings of the Goddess through the messages that your soul is asking to receive from Her at this time. The Goddess and other Divine beings will be invoked using sacred sound instruments such as pure quartz crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes, gong, spirit drum, and her singing voice. The Priestess will use sacred sound to bring through the voice of the Goddess, and Her embodiment as the Lady of Avalon, Great Goddess of the Sacred Isle of Avalon.

60 min £ 85

Private Transmission with the Lady of Avalon

Receive healing, guidance and a transmission of energetic codes from The Lady of Avalon as embodied and channelled by Priestess Rachel.

90 min £ 120

Vocal Empowerment Sessions

Vocal empowerment work can help you to release old ties, blockages and patterns. In a session you will discover an embodied path of healing your voice. Using a combination of powerful visualisation practices, breathwork and voicework, you will learn to uncover, and gently release, any emotional blockages you have in using your voice.

60 min £  85

Maiden, Mother, Crone Healing

This is a powerful ceremony which focuses on bringing healing to the Motherline. It includes a Priestess blessing, nurturing massage, energy work and journeying. This can be held together for:

  1.  Daughter, Mother and Grandmother
  2.  Daughter and Mother
  3.  Individually

2.5 hours £125 per person

Deep Wisdom Healing

A beautiful, nourishing healing to connect to the deep wisdom held in the body. This combines a priestess blessing with body reading, aromatherapy massage, soul healing and Motherline healing.

2 hours £100

Sound Healing for Two with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Share the unique healing of these beautiful, hand-made bowls played directly on and around the body. The seven metals in each bowl correspond to, and resonate with, our Chakras and organs, and their vibrations penetrate to a cellular level to power through blockages, pain and stress, and bring deep relaxation and balance.

60 min £130
90 min £150