Goddess Centred Healing

Offering a range of energetic healing practices which allow the Goddess’s healing energy to flow between healer and client to aid and improve health and well-being.

Nolava Room altar

Goddess Healing with a Priestess Healer

A form of energy healing received through the divine healing vibration of the Goddess, guided by a trained healer.

30 min £ 45
60 min £ 70
90 min £110

Guided Visualisation to meet Goddess, with a Priestess of Avalon

A beautiful, bespoke guided journey to meet the lady of Avalon. Goddess of the seasonal wheel of Britannia. Through the inner landscapes of your imagination, you will be guided to the essence of the seasons. To receive her healing gifts, offering you to connect to Goddess and receive guidance to help you on your life’s path.

60 min £ 65
90 min £ 95

Deep Soul Healing

Connect to the centre of your soul and to the healing energies of Goddess, opening the heart. A powerful session allowing you to release energies and energetic ties that no longer serve you and balance your soul, emotional and mental energetic bodies. An energetic healing which may include sound.

60 min £ 80
90 min £115
120 min £145

Soul Essence Healing Journey with Anna-Saqqara, Priestess Soul Healer

A deep initiatory Shamanic Soul Healing – great for times of intense change, trauma or just deepening your soul connection. These individually focused treatments combine emotional release, chord cutting or chakra alignment. This clears the body of old stuck dense energy. You will journey to the original soul experience to clearing core trauma, thus freeing you from repeating old patterns. This is a very deep initiatory journey enabling you to live more fully, shining and embodying your soul’s original essence and purpose.

90 min £144
120 min £177

Divine Soul Healing Sessions with Priestess Rachel

You are guided to Awaken and Deepen to “Know Thyself” as the authentic empowered, Sacred Essence and Consciousness that you truly are. Through a profound multi-dimensional guided journey with channelling, healing, transmissions and activations reconnect deeply to your Soul, the Divine Within, Mother Earth and your own team of holy beings such as Goddess, Archangels, guides, ancestors and departed loved ones. Experience transformational healing frequencies and guidance for your mind, body, heart and soul to assist your awakening and deepening to your Divine radiance.

60 min £118
90 min £177

Awaken your Light, Goddess Archetype Reading with Kyah May

Offers deep insight into unlocking the innate gifts of your soul and re-alignment with your mythical self.

Reading your astrological birth chart through the lens of the divine feminine reconnects you to your own feminine wisdom. Identifying the Guardian Goddesses that are walking with you this lifetime and past lifetimes. We explore sacred wounding, ancestral lineages, soul purpose, shadow aspects. Understanding where there is need for integration. Helping to empower, find direction in your life, awaken your divine magic, and return to your inner path of light.

60 min £ 88
90 min £125
120 min £160

Womb and Heart Honouring with Chrystėle

A journey into the heart and the womb to deeply honour the sacredness of womanhood through life’s many experiences. This sacred healing space created for you in times of transition, letting go of the old self. We call in creativity, being witnessed by the compassionate heart to heal transform and grow within this elemental alchemical honouring. This includes being cocooned in rebozo scarfs, womb massage, ceremonial grounding and blessing.

90 min £100
120 min £140

Combined Tarot Soul Healing Session with Katie

Weaving together Mother Peace Tarot Reading with a Deep Soul Healing. We start with the cards to help us identify and hone what needs to be healed, released or empowered in the Soul Healing energy session that follows, offering deeper connection to your healing journey.

90 min £115
120 min £150

Maiden Mother Crone Healing with Annie

This treatment offers deep healing through the use of ceremony and intention, where we journey together to reconnect the thread of our divine feminine lineages. Through the use of womb massage, body work and energetic healing, we can then integrate those parts of ourselves into our bodies once again and form a connection to the mother line, through the womb of the divine feminine within.

120 min £150

Soul Light Readings with Iona

What is your soul’s purpose in this lifetime…  what gifts do you have to offer to the New Earth that is emerging… Are you a Leader, a Visionary, a Creatrix, a Teacher, a Writer, a Healer, a Priestess, a Guardian of Mother Earth…

This is a reading to help you embody the gifts of your soul. We will explore your astrological birth chart, looking at your soul gifts, blocks, past lives and possible destiny in this lifetime. We will do a healing, clearing energetic blocks that are holding you back, allowing you step into your power and shine your light in the world.

90 min £125
120 min £160

Shungite Empowerment Coaching with Priest of Isis, Jerome

Jerome guides you into the hidden power of Shungite and the “Shungite Inner Coaching Way” to Deep Soul Connection and self-mastery… Learn how to fully express the Mastery of your Inner Being…  Activating the Spiritual Power of your voice to fully arrive, transmitting your true authentic Soul Sound… You will discover the raw power of many different crystals to help enhance your Light Body and expand your Chakras. Discover the special power of Shungite to clear your field, ground and augment your personal power, and strengthen your Chakras… mental and emotional bodies.

60 min £155
120 min £195
Couples: 120 min £255

Tending your Beloved Heart with Hannah

Tending your beloved heart, the shamanic heart illumination technique, places you in the sacred divine ecosystem of Gaia, through the medicine wheel and the temple of Devotion. This allows safe surrender into the awareness of your beautiful heart. We can then clean your heart of energies that no longer serve you, allowing you to make space to receive more radiance and beauty into your life. Working with the inner beloved, through devotional mantra and sacred oils, we will tend to and honour your wounds and help restore your connection to the beauty around and within you. Gentle touch and massage with oils on feet, brow, heart optional.

90 min £122

Past Life Regressions with Vicky

Regression Therapy is a useful tool in gaining understanding, clarity, and peace of mind around particular issues. Some of the reasons you might seek Past Life Regression are:

Unusual connections to places, people, cultures.
Phobias and / or fears / Re-occurring emotional issues or patterns.
Re-occurring dreams / Unexplained health issues / Curiosity.

120 min £150

Reclamation of Sacred Name Ceremony with Accredited Sacred Celebrant Jade Dalton (Pre-Booking only)

A deep, elemental Goddess blessing to re/claim and honour your sacred name, whether your birth name, an ancestral name, a name through marriage / divorce / education or your chosen spiritual name.

Honouring and reclaiming your name is a sacred and powerful rite of passage, for empowerment, joy, and to honour the fullness and richness of yourself. This profound reclamation ceremony is fully gender inclusive and LGBTQIA+ friendly.

Pre-booking is required for this healing and ceremony.

60 min £125

Alchemy Journey of Sound with Priestess of Avalon

This brings you into deep connection with the Goddess, Cosmic Universe and of all life. In this ceremony you will receive the blessings of the Goddess using sacred sound instruments such as pure quartz crystal singing bowls, chimes, gong, spirit drum, and her singing voice. The Priestess will use sacred sound to bring through the voice of the Goddess, and Her embodiment as the Lady of Avalon, Great Goddess of the Sacred Isle of Avalon. Quieting your mind and opening the channel for gentle healing and receiving.

45 min £ 55
60 min £ 85
90 min £120

Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Clients describe a wonderful feeling of connection through the extraordinary and uplifting experience of the Bowls being played directly on their bodies and the sounds merging and harmonising. The vibrations travel through the body and deep to a cellular level to remove physical and emotional blockages and pain, while the seven precious metals in each hand-crafted Bowl resonate with corresponding organs, chakras and energy centres to bring balance, mental expansion and profound relaxation. A unique experience.

30 min £ 45
45 min £ 65
60 min £ 85

Feminine Essence Soul Healing with Lila Lianna Rose

Deep dive into the spiritual waters of your womb and soul. 

An invitation through sacred ceremony, to communicate with the parts of you that are afraid to freely express and live fully. We give those places space to speak, move and sound, allowing transformation and reconnection with your soul’s purpose and all of life. Held in a field of heightened consciousness- supported by the power of sacred sound (including medicine voice, soul/light language, medicine drum, and the field of the Akashic Records (the archive of the soul).

60 min £111
90 min £166
120 min £222

Yoga Therapy

These personalised classes are the best way to focus on the most effective postures for your individual goals and needs, sessions are gentle or more demanding according to ability and areas you wish to work on, for example: lower back and hip release, arm and leg strengthening and stretching, balance, flexibility, stress release. All levels welcome, including beginners, with supports used where appropriate to help access the full benefits of the pose. Finishing with guided relaxation.

Choose a 1:1 session or bring a friend.

40 min £ 45
60 min £ 65

Crystal Healing

Crystals are carefully chosen depending on your needs and are placed on the key energy centres of the body, aiding the body’s natural vibration healing abilities to clear and shift stagnant energy and amplify good health. A great treatment for balancing the chakras and clearing the etheric field and outer body for renewed energy health and vitality.

45 min £ 55
60 min £ 75
90 min £115

Transformation Sessions with Ambika

Personalised sessions tailored to your specific needs, offering an immersive journey into empowerment and self-discovery through ancient Taoist wellness practises and exercises.

Transform and enhance libido, balance hormones during menopause. discover empowering solutions for period pain. Transform all aspects of your life.

90 min £150
150 min £300