Holistic Health and Educational Centre

The Goddess House Healing is a Holistic Natural Health Centre situated on Magdalene Street in the heart of Glastonbury.

Created by the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, we offer loving, Goddess-inspired space where you can receive natural healing therapies in beautiful surroundings from experienced professional therapists and healers.

We are delighted to share that from Wednesday 2 September our sacred Goddess House will be opening our doors once more!

We value the safety and wellness of all who visit and work at Goddess House. To reassure you, we have completed a risk assessment and are committed to following guidelines in accordance with Government advice. To that end, your visit to Goddess House will be slightly different than normal, just as beautiful and healing we trust, but slightly different in a few areas. For the time being we will be open Wednesdays to Fridays and offering pre-booked sessions on the other days, with a maximum of 4 therapy rooms in use at any one time, thus significantly reducing the number of visitors in Goddess House at the same time.

To book a treatment please contact us.


Every week we offer Love Bubble Meditations to keep you grounded, balanced and connected to Goddess.

Mondays at 12pm: Goddess Love Bubble Meditation via our Facebook page.

Wednesdays at 12pm: Goddess Love Bubble Meditation via our Facebook page.