Goddess Readings & Talking Therapies

Goddess House Healing

Soul Readings

A conscious reading of your aura and the energies that lie within and around the body and Soul, for insight on current challenges.

30 min £ 35
60 min £ 60

Oracle Card readings with Tarot or Motherpeace cards

For spiritual guidance and insights from the Goddess through her Priestess. A healing way to get clarity around your circumstances and pathways.

30 min £ 35
60 min £ 60


Connect to your departed loved ones to receive and give messages.

Morgen Magical Mediumship

Receive messages and healing with Morgen La Fey, connecting to departed loved ones and ancestors..

30 min £ 40
60 min £ 60

60 min £ 50

Morgen Silver Web Divination

Bring a question to the Morgens, cast your query through their web and into the realms of swirling possibilities to reveal their glittering answer.

30 min £ 35

Akashic Records

Akashic Records are a compendium of all human thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present or future. We access your records via prayer intention and meditative state. It helps us to have a more positive and beneficial approach to life, changing patterns and promoting healing.

60 min £ 55

Talking Therapies 

Goddess Counselling:  60 min £ 50
Sacred Listening:  60 min £ 50

Past Life Healing/Regression

Be safely guided into past lives to heal wounds that affect you in this life. Alternatively you are shown without having to experience it. healing all that is ready to be

60 min £ 68
90 min £ 97

Bright Shiny Soul Sessions

This is a beautiful bespoke session whereby you get to awaken to the brightness, beauty and power of your soul, Spirt and the Divine within you. Through coaching and guided meditation, you reconnect deeply to your soul, Spirit, Source and your own team of holy beings such as Goddess, Archangels, spirit guides, healing guides, animal guides, angels, ascended masters, ancestors and departed loved ones. You experience healing and guidance from them directly and via Rachel for your mind, body, heart and soul. You are shown how to root your Spirit and use Mother Earth’s seasonal energy according to the Wheel of Mother Earth to help you in your daily life. When necessary, appropriate multidimensional healing including distance, energy, Angelic, sound, Goddess, hands-on and intuitive healing is given to transform limiting beliefs, thought patterns and trauma from this and past lives. Intuitively, you are asked a series of relevant questions that illuminates and reveals your soul’s guidance, vibration and whatever healing is required. You are guided to embody your exquisite frequency, soulfulness and, when you are ready, beyond separation into blissful Oneness revealing what has always been there: Your Bright Shiny Soul!

Brand new Bright Shiny Soul Sessions £80 up to 1 hr 15 min

Private Transmission with the Lady of Avalon

Receive healing, guidance and a transmission of energetic codes from The Lady of Avalon as embodied and channelled by Priestess Rachel.

90 min £ 120