Goddess Readings, Talking Therapies

Goddess House Healing

Oracle Card Readings with Oracle Cards or Tarot

For spiritual guidance and insights from Goddess through Her Priestess. A healing way to get clarity around your circumstances and pathways.

30 min £ 40
60 min £ 65

Tarot Soul Healing with Katie, Priestess of Avalon

The session starts with a reading from the Motherpeace tarot deck, helping to bring focus on what needs to be released. Then you’ll receive a Deep Soul Healing to bring you back to clear, radiant energy.

60 min £ 85
90 min £115

Deep Goddess Tarot Healing with Jade

The session begins with an elemental Goddess Healing to relax, empower, and invoke the Goddess to heal and nourish, and is followed by a Tarot and Oracle card reading to help carve your future path, and see what the Goddess has to say to you.

60 min £ 85
90 min £115

Rhiannon’s Blessing of Love Tarot / Oracle Healing with Jade / Katie

The session begins with an invocation of Rhiannon, Goddess of Love, and is followed by a deep healing of the heart, and a Tarot / Oracle card reading for your relationship. Available whether you are calling in sacred love, already in a relationship, or are healing from a separation. This treatment helps to open, and heal the heart, and set you on a deep path of love.

60 min £ 85
90 min £115

Ker’s Blessing of Abundance Tarot / Oracle Healing with Jade / Katie

The session begins with an invocation of Ker, Goddess of the Harvest, and is followed by a deep healing to open yourself up to receive abundance, and a Tarot /Oracle card reading for your future. This treatment is excellent for career, and money advice, to open yourself up to the unlimited well of ethical and healthy resources from Goddess.

60 min £ 85
90 min £115

Astrology Readings

(pre-booking needed)

Awaken your Inner Light Reading, with Kyah May, Priestess of Arianrhod

Offers deep healing and insight into unlocking the innate gifts of your soul.

Looking at your birth chart to identify your core Guardian Goddess/God Archetypes that are walking with you this lifetime. Exploring your sacred wounding, past life linages, soul purpose, shadow aspects and how to align with the lessons of your soul’s mystery school.

Helping you to heal, find direction on your path, and awaken your Inner Light.

60 min £ 88
90 min £125

Solar Return Readings, with Kyah May, Priestess of Arianrhod

This unique reading is done around your birthday, exploring your Guardian Archetypes, their energies, and messages. What areas of your life will be highlighted. How to embody their wisdom to support your soul’s calling for the year ahead.

90 min £125

Archetype Embodiment Ceremony, with Kyah May, Priestess of Arianrhod

Reconnect to your Guardian Goddess/God Archetypes of your birth chart.

Through guided ritual and ceremony, to embody their essence in your everyday life. Awakening to your light and healing pathways.

60 min £ 88
90 min £125

The Year Ahead, with Kyah May

Each reading is a consultation in which you find a way to understand your inner energetic nature, guiding you in the direction of self-acceptance, which will enable you to achieve well-being, a sense of purpose and self-awareness.

90 min £ 95
120 min £150

Past Life Soul Readings, with Iona Jones, Priestess of Arianrhod

Do you feel a connection to other lifetimes of being a Witch, a Priestess, a Shamanka, a Healer or an Oracle? Do you find there are blocks that hold you back from living your soul’s purpose? Maybe in this life there are issues around your voice and speaking your truth… maybe there are health challenges that you are journeying with… or maybe it’s hard to truly love yourself and let yourself shine…

Iona offers Past Life Soul Readings to people that are interested in diving deep into their astrological birth chart, looking at past lives and karmic woundings that may be holding them back. Also looking at your soul gifts and connecting to positive past lives where you were fully embodied and shining your light. This reading looks at the birth chart  and involves energy and journey work.

Online or In-Person.

90 min £125

Soul Light Readings with Iona

What is your soul’s purpose in this lifetime… what gifts to you have to offer to the New Earth that is emerging…  Are you a Leader, a Visionary, a Creatrix, a Teacher, a Writer, a Healer, a Priestess, a Sacred Performer, a Guardian of Mother Earth… 

This is a reading to help you embody the gifts of your soul. We will explore your astrological birth chart, looking at your soul gifts, blocks past lives and possible destiny in this lifetime. We will do a healing, clearing energetic blocks that are holding you back, allowing you step into your power and shine your light in the world. 

Online or In-Person.

90 min £125

Embodied Astrology with Chrystèle Lafaye

This chart reading is designed to help you fine tune your own medicine for wholeness and wellness.

Working with Hygeia, the Goddess of Health, we will look at ways to balance the elements, aspects and transits in your chart so you can live more according to your own blueprint.

This session can be complemented with an energy healing informed by the reading for 30 or 60 min, calling on the vibrations of the planets and elemental allies.

Chart reading 60 min £ 90
Chart reading + healing 90 min £125
Chart reading + healing 120 min £150

Goddess-Centered Talking Therapies

Goddess Counselling – Sacred Listening

£50 per session

Psychotherapy (blocks of ongoing sessions)

£40 per session

Psychosexual Therapy (blocks of ongoing sessions)

£40 per session