Goddess Deluxe Therapies

Goddess House Healing

Lady of Avalon’s Deep Healing

A divine Priestess Blessing from Avalon including 80 minutes private transmission / embodiment, followed by 30 minutes of Lady of Avalon Healing OR full body Aromatherapy, Holistic or Deep Tissue Massage and 30 minutes of Soul, Sound, Crystal or Energy Healing.

120 min £100

Brighde’s Blessing

Includes a Priestess Blessing of Brighde, Goddess Healing, 90 minutes Hot Stone OR Holistic Massage with warm specially blended oils, plus 30 minutes of Energy and Sound Healing.

120 min £100

Rhiannon’s Blessing of Love

Includes a Sensual Blessing of Rhiannon, 80 minutes full body Aromatherapy Massage and a 30 minute Facial treatment OR Healing.

120 min £100

Mother of Water Blessing

Includes a Priestess Water Blessing, sacred foot washing and anointing with Aromatherapy essential oils, plus a 90 minute deeply relaxing Holistic Massage. 

120 min £100

Blessing of the Great Mother

A deeply nurturing treatment working with the loving energies of the Great Mother. This includes a Priestess Blessing, 90 minute relaxing massage and 30 minutes of energy healing or sound healing.

120 min £100

Mother Earth’s Blessing

Includes a Priestess Earth Blessing with either 50 minutes of Reflexology OR Thai Foot Massage, OR a Healing with Crystals and Etheric Weaver. Plus 40 minutes of Soul Healing.

 90 min £ 90

Blessing of Dark Mother Cerridwen

Guided journey to Cerridwen’s cave with an elemental Oracling, Hands on Healing, Crystals, Sound and Vibrational Rebalancing, Aura Strengthening and Resealing, and a Soul connection summary (Soul reading).

120 min £100