Couples Pampering

Goddess House Healing

Couples Massage

Indulge yourself in a romantic massage for you and your beloved. This is a holistic massage for two held in the loving energies of Goddess. 

 60 min £100

Couples Crystal Healing Sound Bath

In this special healing experience for couples, you will both receive a combined crystal healing/energy healing and relaxing sound bath. This can be a powerful ceremony for anyone who wishes to clear stagnant energy in their field, making space for deeper space of love and devotion, both with themselves or with their beloved.

90 min £150

Sound Healing for Two with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Share the unique healing of these beautiful, hand-made bowls played directly on and around the body. The seven metals in each bowl correspond to, and resonate with, our Chakras and organs, and their vibrations penetrate to a cellular level to power through blockages, pain and stress, and bring deep relaxation and balance.

60 min £100

Rhiannon’s Blessing of Love 

This beautiful deluxe couples therapy includes a Priestess blessing of Rhiannon, 80 minutes full body massage and a 30 minute head/face massage or healing.

120 min £180

Special Couples Pampering

Our beautiful couples-only package is a divine treat that includes an amazing sacred footbath with sensual oils, a 1.5 hour Aromatherapy full body massage (including facial massage) plus a Goddess Blessing and Healing. You will also be given a special gift of a blessed crystal, plus yummy refreshments of herbal teas, chocolate and delicious red fruits!

120 min £200

Please note these massages are holistic massages, not tantric massages.