Deluxe Treatments for Two

Goddess House Healing

Deluxe Massage for two

This beautiful nurturing treatment for two allows you to receive deep nourishment and healing for you and your beloved, includes a full body Massage with selected essential oils, held in the sacred space of the Goddess. This is for couples or friends.

 60 min £135
90 min £185

Rhiannon’s Blessing of Love Deluxe Treatment for Two

Our beautiful bespoke package for two is a divine way to connect with yourself and your beloved in sacred ceremonial healing. Bask in the deep nourishment together, including an honouring sacred foot bath with flower petals, an intuitive full body massage with essential oils (including facial massage), universal energy healing. Sealed by a ceremonial Goddess Blessing of love. To commemorate a special time such as a marriage or handfasting, or just to experience sacred ceremonial healing together. Finishing with herbal teas and selection of seasonal treats.

120 min £280

Crystal Chalice Sound Bath for Two

In this special healing experience for two, receive a combined energy healing with crystal sound resonance, voice, chimes and drum on a journey to receive light, healing and connection to spirit. This can be a powerful ceremonial healing for clearing stagnant energy, making deeper space for love and devotion, both with yourself and your beloved. Offering deeper connection and divine healing crystalline frequencies.

60 min £120
90 min £155

Sound Healing for Two with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Clients describe a wonderful feeling of connection with their partner or friend as they share the extraordinary and uplifting experience of the Bowls being simultaneously played directly on their bodies and the sounds merging and harmonising. The vibrations travel through the body and deep to a cellular level to remove physical and emotional blockages and pain, while the seven precious metals in each hand-crafted Bowl resonate with corresponding organs, chakras and energy centres to bring balance, mental expansion and profound relaxation. A unique experience..

60 min £140
75 min £170