Hello and welcome to our first blog! From now on we will be putting up regular posts which will keep you up to date with what’s happening at Goddess House, as well as information about special events, therapies, trainings and special offers. Our first one is written by Priestess Healer Angie Twydall.

Goddess Healing with Womb Massage & Yoni Steams with Angie Twydall

As an integrated Priestess Healer Angie specialises in energy and bodywork therapies. From a starting point in massage, she has over 18 year’s experience in shamanic and alternative forms of healing. This includes: Womb Massage, Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage, Goddess Healing, Reiki, Seiki, Sekehm, Advanced Bowen Therapy and Emotional Healing. Angie also brings her expertise as a yoga teacher, specialising in pregnancy, postnatal and womb yoga. Fully insured, 18 years hands-on experience, accredited to the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Goddess Healing takes an inclusive approach bringing together knowledge and experience to help with current day issues, Motherline issues (back from mother to grandmother womb to womb), and past lives. Trauma can be from this lifetime in difficult births, abortion, still birth, rape, miscarriage, hysterectomy and any form of abuse.

In 2010, Angie travelled around Peru guided by Shamanka Sisters visiting sacred sites and carrying out many ceremonies and receiving healings. This is where her womb awakening journey took a leap forwards; Goddess Ixchel, guides teaches and informs. Combining knowledge from the streams of ancient wisdom whom she has been blessed to meet on her womb healing journey. Angie now teaches Womb Awakening as an on-line mentor and in person Teacher Trainer for the Fountain of Life: www.theblessed-bee.co.uk

After many years suffering the pain of endometriosis, Angie met Helen Rohlicek and she became her teacher of womb massage. This amazing, womb healing treatment is based on ancient Mayan massage techniques. It is a blend of deep massage, releasing, holding and untightening tissues. If appropriate combining trauma release work, somatics and emotional healing work.The full treatment includes deep massage of the lower body, covering the digestive system, the womb and ovaries. There is no internal, intimate massage.  Each session is adapted to your health needs and may include all 3 areas or just the womb, abdomen or sacrum.

The most common complaints addressed by this technique include:

– Digestive problems

– Fertility problems

– Constipation, bloating


– Painful or irregular periods

– Ovarian and breast cysts

– Ovulation problems

Contact the Goddess House to book a session with Angie Twydall.