Anna-Saqqara Price


Anna-Saqqara Price is Priestess of Avalon, a Oracle Priestess, Luminary leader, Priestess of Isis, Rhiannon & Wild Soul Shamanka working with Horses. She’s an experienced Ceremonial Priestess regularly leading ceremonies for the public at The Goddess Temple’s Seasonal ceremonies, weekly Temple Treasures and leads the seasonal Goddess House Healing retreat weekends. She works for The Goddess Temple as the Goddess Temple Melissa Mother and Goddess House Healing Mother/ Weaver, where she loves to offer Goddess soul healing & ceremonies for private clients, groups & retreats.

She’s also a Soul Support Systems facilitator & healer experienced in midwifing soul rebirth, and loves combining this work with Equine Assisted Soul Experiences with the Herd of Horses she cares for locally and at Heartshore horses nr Stroud. She’s on the Teaching Faculty at Stroud Goddess Temple where she loves sharing her years of experience and wisdom working as a full time Priestess with the students.

She’s found combining her skills & qualifications in the sacred arts BA hons in Performance / Creative Arts, with group work practitioner training & human therapeutic learning with the horses, and her various Priestess trainings, Deep Soul development training with Sally Pulinger, & Soul Support Systems Soul rebirth work has lead to her current focus on Soul empowerment and Healing.

In her Goddess Deep Soul Healing Practice she connects soul to soul with the client, allowing your soul to focus and direct the healing energies for your highest and best good. Anna-Saqqara works in a shamanic way to bring through the healing transformation, embodying / channeling the Goddess, guides, totem beings through sound, light / soul language, drums rattles, tuning forks or silently to assist your body to release and transform / blocks / stuck energy / old patterns or just to reenergise and reinvigorate you with The Goddesses loving Energy. These can be 30, 1 hr or 90 minutes.

Her 90 minute Soul Essence Journeys are her specialty where she combines a Shamanic Release & tie cutting ceremony, that can transform old programs, this can be past life or present ? to clear the clutter / stuck energy / ancient woundings which can show up as repeating behaviours, situations/traumas that negatively effect your life. This is balanced with a deep soul healing & a soul rebirth style mediative journey where your guided to re-connect and welcome back more of your true Soul Essence.

She also loves to offer Goddess Soul Wisdom Guided journeys and Meet the Goddess Embodiment / Transmission ceremonies where clients get to receive bespoke healing / guidance and connection with the Goddess of their choice.

As a Soul Priestess of Isis who is one of Anna-Saqqara’s over-lighting deities she brings thorough deep & strong Isis Lotus Healing, working with the main Egyptian Goddesses and light language.

She excels in ceremonial transformation work and loves offering these ceremonies for personal and group development work ie Elemental blessings, Burn & release, Empowerment, Embodiment meet the Goddess, & Seasonal ceremonies, and she can a create a bespoke ceremony for you or your group either in the Goddess House /  Temple or in Her landscape.

As part of her Wild Soul Shamanka personal development work, she runs Goddess Soul Wisdom online zoom journeys weekly helping people to find their inner Goddess Gnosis through the Avalonion Goddess Mysteries and is looking to develop this more into training & empowerment retreats, do ask about the current course and drop in sessions.

She also offers Equine Assisted Soul Experiences these are great for personal leadership empowerment and emotional intelligence, human development learning, as you have to be able to listen to yourself to be able to authentically connect with a horses, you’ll learn about boundaries how to develop and hold your own safety, and how to connect soulfully mindfully with a horse to receive their guidance and wisdom on whatever it’s is that your going through. These can be arranged as Retreat days via the Goddess House, do ask for more information.

Please check out her website  for more personal info.