Anna-Saqqara Price

Anna-Saqqara Price
Anna-Saqqara Price is a Priestess of Avalon, Rhiannon and SoulStar Priestess of Isis (Esa Esa);  she loves to work bringing the healing love of the Goddess through in your healing. She is a experienced Priestess, ceremonialist and healer, working for many years at the Goddess Temple Ceremonial, New moon and Embodiment healing days, and at the annual Goddess conference.

She is professionally trained in I.T.E.C Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage, a Reiki Master healer/teacher, Intuitive and Isis lotus healer. She studied counselling and expressive arts therapy. Her own healing journey through Fibromyalgia lead her to explore Soul development, working with trance medium/Priestess Sally Pullinger and her ascended guide Chung Fu since 2009. In 2012 she qualified as a Soul Support Systems UK Facilitator with Flo Aevia Magdalena. She is currently training in equine-assisted human development and learning verbal therapy working with horses, and runs Spirit Horse events.

Anna-Saqqara is a intuitive and sensitive healer and soul guidance therapist.  Her work incorporates and combines many of these teachings to bring you:

Body Wisdom & Soul Thread verbal therapies where you are guided to listen to your own body & soul wisdom giving you the tools to effect long term change in your body, assisting you to be in greater authentic presence with yourself.

Soul Resonance & Goddess Healing is a energetic healing; she creates a sacred safe space where deep and powerful healing can occur. But it is your soul that directs and leads the healing, she is just the vessel for the Goddess,and elemental/sacred beings to transmute healing energy, she uses voice and shamanic tools such as drum, rattle ,wings to assist in the movement of energy throughout your body.

In her Shamanic/Soul Resonance Massage she combines her healing ,verbal and energetic work with her massage training, using aromatherapy oils specifically dowsed for you. This is a specifically deep and transformational treatment ,if you require a full body massage is best to book a double 2 hr session.