Birth Chart & One Year Forecast Readings

​Each reading is a consultation in which you find a way to understand your ‘inner energetic nature’ and how your parental, social and cultural programming have impacted on this. We aim find a way to point you in the direction of self acceptance which will enable you to achieve well being, a sense of purpose, self awareness, which can lead to authentic self expression and a sense of inner liberation and peace.

60 min £ 95
120 min £175

Solar Return Chart

​This is forecasting for one year from birthday to birthday and will show what aspects of you and your life your Soul is asking you to focus on for the given year. Any specific challenges you have may be discussed.

60 min £ 90

Synastry or Relationship Readings (partners, parent/child, siblings etc)

​Normally with both parties present or permission of absent person, we wiIl begin by looking at charts of the 2 individuals and their capacity for relationship and relationship patterns. Then we look at the astro chemistry and potential behaviours, challenges and joys of the combination as well as soul connection.

120 min £180

Charts for Children or Babies

In a world with swiftly changing individual, social and cultural values it can be of great help for many parents to see their children in an holistic way, as so often they are adversely affected by the imbalances which surround them. The birth chart can show their strengths, talents and challenges as well as their deep inner nature which they so often fear to reveal. It can also show how they can be encouraged to develop their own ‘inner authority’ rather than being subjected to values and beliefs with which they do not inherently resonate.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

60 min £ 85

Awaken your Inner Light Soul Readings

This unique reading offers wisdom and insights and can help to empower and unlock your innate sacred talents, gifts and wisdom. This involves looking into your karmic wounding and archetypal Goddess energies that are working with you in this lifetime. Offering insights on how to manifest your soul’s wisdom and align you with your own unique soul essence.

60 min £ 75
90 min £ 90