By Angie Twydall

As the wheel turns towards Solstice do you allow your body and energy to slow down? Gaia, Mother Earth is slowing, resting. My bees in the Avalon Apiary at the base of the Tor are clustered, conserving heat, food and energy. This time now, She is showing us through Her nature that stopping is not only essential but is Her way.

  But how to stop when modern day living seems to be so full, and so many expectations to conform to commercial and cultural norms?

Over the years I have taken myself away, off on a retreat. Once we did a Silent Buddhist retreat over Christmas..much to our then, teenage daughters stoic acceptance! This year I have made more time during the year, and have consciously gifted myself time to stop, to reflect, to experience Her world.

So I invite you to gift yourself the most precious gift of all; time and self-love, time and self-care. In that gifting you will then be able to be fully present, healthier and happier. This is a simple blessing, a gift from Goddess to remember who you really are.

Come join me on on our Swan Sisters Retreat 12-15th March 2019 in East Sussex.