Cerridwen is often depicted as the old Crone at the end of life, but this is a misconception, as She is actually the Goddess of Rebirth and Renewal. She is also a renowned Wise Woman, who holds the ultimate magic of creation. Her cauldron brews potential and power. All herbs are at Her disposal for the ease and healing of humanity. Her own three children show Her essence of fertility: one born from the light, one born from the dark and one born from Otherworldly magic, together they become symbols of all that is beauty in the world, all that is courage and all that is wisdom.

Cerridwen Priestesses have created a magical womb blessing ceremony for you!

If you wish to get pregnant or if you are already pregnant, we will create a personalised ceremony, individually tailored to your wishes, for you and up to three loved ones who wish to participate and accompany you on your journey. We offer the following:

Consultation prior to Ceremony to gather knowledge of your wishes for this ceremony.

On the day you will be welcomed by at least two Priestesses.

The sacred temple to Cerridwen in Goddess House will be dressed for you, including carefully chosen music and yummy fragrances especially blended for sensitive mother-to-be noses.

You will be made very comfortable, dressed in beautiful ceremonial wear provided by us. (You can bring your own). A sumptuous nest will be provided for you in a warm environment.

We will create a safe space for you and call in your ancestors, spirit guides, angels, sky beings, grandmothers of the tribes and whomever you wish to have present from your Motherline.

We will call in the aspects of the All-Mother and Her elemental representations.

We will prepare you by cleansing you with an individually blended herb water and release any unwanted energies, obstacles, discomforts….

Then the sacred, secret, ancient ceremony begins: using touch, sound, song and other ingredients you will be blessed by Goddess’ energy through Priestess healing hands, making sure you feel supremely cared for throughout.

Your loved ones can be part of the ceremony if they wish to be. A reclaiming of the times when women joined together in sacred sisterhood to prepare for the birth of a child.

*Our mothers-to-be tell us that the babies love it.* Gifts will be bestowed upon you, by the Priestess-‘faery goddessmothers’ to signify the blessings conferred on you and the baby. Grace, joy, bliss, strength: whatever comes through to our Priestess Seers will be placed into your womb/your baby, should you wish for it. After the ceremony a small feast will be provided for you before you leave the temple. Ceremony will take at least one and a half hour.

Please contact Bee on 07906 098284 for further information, and to discuss your individual wishes and price of ceremony.