Chrystėle Lafaye


Chrystèle is a Sacred Birthkeeper and part of the Sacred Birthkeeping project in Glastonbury, offering Mother/Father blessing ceremonies, postpartum massage and ceremonies for Mothers – Fertility Ceremony to call in the soul of a child and the beautiful ceremony of Body Wrapping.

She offers Heart and Womb Wrapping sessions for Mothers to celebrate and/or integrate their birth story. This can be very beneficial and healing for mothers -even long after the birth, and for anyone wishing to close a chapter of their life.

Chrystèle holds a gentle, nurturing space, bearing witness to the birth journey and the amazing rite of passage that is becoming a Mother.

She is currently enjoying her second Spiral of the Priestess of Avalon, she is a Temple Melissa and has been a Healer and Therapist at the Goddess House for the last 6 years.

Chrystèle also offers Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Massage, Yoni Steam, Reiki/Goddess Healing, Goddess Deluxe Therapies, Couples massage and Astrology of Wellbeing.

Her healing journey began with Reiki in 2003 and she has continued to develop her experience in the healing field since, combining her interest in the Nervous System and Astrology of Health and Wellbeing to offer personalised and empowering treatments.