Ellise Toop


Ellise creates a sacred, safe space using breath, sound, essential oils, and angelic & crystal energies to help you drop deeply inside, quieten your thoughts, and activate the para-sympathetic nervous system (rest & digest) – helping you to shift into the theta & delta brain wave states where the deepest cellular healing occurs, truly bringing nourishment on all levels.

Working with all types of pressure; deep tissue, soothing and everything in between – Ellise works intuitively to create a transformative body work session to help you shift any new, or chronic, aches & pains.

Ellise has been trained and continuously studies holistic therapies for the past 6+ years and is delighted to be offering:

· Angelic Reiki Healing Sessions
· Pregnancy Massage
· Deep Tissue Massage
· Swedish Massage
· Hot Stone Massage
· Indian Head Massage
· Aromatherapy Massage
· Reflexology
· + a combination of treatments in one – aka. hot stones with deep tissue, aromatherapy massage with angelic reiki

She is also training as a Rose Priestess and yin yoga teacher, is a breathwork, qigong & Taoist practitioner and studies non-violent communication – infusing her life & offerings with all these deeply heart centred practices!