Everything is connected, the great web of souls in the cosmos is like a spiderweb, delicate and with an array of millions of individual souls waiting to be born or reborn. They are strung like diamonds on the thread of eternal life. Each of us chooses which life we are born into next, if at all, and which form we will take in our next cycle.
If we choose to be human, we carry with us a blood connection, a Motherline and a Fatherline, like most species on the planet. We are not special in that, and we don’t know whether all living beings do not also have awareness of such blood connection with their ancestors, our arrogance and entitlement as humans often leads us to believe that they don’t. If you have ever witnessed a cow cry when her calf is taken away from her, you may change your mind.
So many humans on this planet are not aware what they carry in their blood and bones. They don’t understand the influence of the memories of the many lives lived before us, their experience of hardships and joys, the love and the hate, the feelings and emotions that shaped them and shaped the ones who taught us our understanding of this world. Fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers – mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers. We carry their prejudices, their beliefs, their language, their traditions, their connection to the parts in the world where they were born, raised, lived. All of those who came before us are part of who we are now. Most of our recent ancestors saw unimaginable horrors in two world wars, they carried the fears and terrors with them, and the world in which my Grandfather grew up is so different from the one he would witness today. Scientists now believe that we carry ALL of the memories of our ancestors somewhere in our DNA. Not just of the events from living memory but well beyond that. It does explain some of the unimaginable pain and confusion that I came across in my consultations with clients in Goddess House and in my counselling work. All of that pain finds a way from the psyche into the body, and if unreleased, can and will cause illness.

At this time of the year, when the darkness draws in, many feel the weight of that soul connection with their bloodline. As Samhain draws near, and the veils once again grow thin between this realm and the Otherworlds, many of us remember those we knew and lost in this life, the ones we loved, the ones who hurt us, by design or by accident. The pain and sorrow of loss, of words not spoken, hands not held in the last moments, tears not witnessed, acts not forgiven, haunts us especially around this time of year. One side of my family has wonderful rich rituals to celebrate those gone before us, but in this part of the world that is not usually the case. There are no meaningful rites to reconnect with those beloved Dead.
For most people death is the end, the three Abrahamic religions have taught us that there is no returning to this space. In my faith the Elders gone before us still exist in this realm, share space with us, sitting in a mighty Bender around the fire, waiting for us to visit, to ask for advice, to be consoled, held, acknowledged, forgiven, healed. Whether I give my Swynwraig® healing or the Cerridwen Dark Mother Rite or a Card & Soul Reading, so often the Ancestors of the person before me show me the inner space where they sit and hold counsel. They send me messages to relay to the client, reminders of their love, symbols that mean something only to those people, signposts with names I don’t recognize but when I pass them on I see a slow smile, or witness a burst of tears, of bittersweet sorrow.
Always though it is release of some kind. It makes me glad that I can be the bridge between the realms and convey once more the love once shared for each other.
Each of my healings is completely individual, I call in Goddess, I call in the guides of the person before me, and I ask for help with the healing of this soul. No matter what the person shared with me before about their ailment, often the dis-ease comes from a soul disconnection. The soul suffers when it is disconnected from its vessel in this life, and it always shows me how it would like to be returned to full inclusion and integration. I am just the conduit for all that is already written and now needs to be lived, in peace and harmony. We can choose to ignore our soul’s invitation to return to balance but that is never a healthful decision. Ask for the courage and the strength to regain your soul connection and I will help you on your path to complete wellness. It is an honour to do this work and I thank my assorted helpers, from Goddess to the Spirit Beings every day for the blessings I receive.
Bee is a Priestess of Avalon and Cerridwen, Swynwraig® Healer and Wisdom Keeper. Please contact the Goddess House to book a session with her.