Katie Player


Katie Player is a Priestess of Avalon and Temple Weaver at Glastonbury Goddess Temple. With a background in the Creative Arts, Katie offers workshops, talks and ceremony. A Tarot Reader for 30 years, she works with the Motherpeace Tarot for individual, couple and group Readings. She is a Soul Healer and offers one to one sessions of Soul Healing and Reiki energy healing.

Motherpeace Tarot Readings

The circular Motherpeace Tarot is based on the traditional tarot cards but it incorporates Goddess images and women in ceremony from around the world.

It gives a clear picture of where the querent is in their life, the energies surrounding them and where things are heading – unless they take action to change their focus. Katie gives a positive, co-creative Reading which gives guidance and clarity, holding space for you to connect more deeply with your intuition. The Readings cover 3-6 months, or a specific question can be asked. Katie provides a written record of the Reading and is happy for it to be recorded for personal use. Katie offers Couples Readings (both partners need to be present 2x hourly rate) and Group Readings by appointment and seasonally as part of the Retreat Weeks. The Motherpeace includes a deep Priestess layer of meaning providing guidance for those on a path of service to Goddess. It’s an amazing oracular deck and you won’t regret having a reading!