Mmm…The warming touch of the Lammas Sun. We feel her loving stroke on our skin, our face, our shoulders. There is such a sensuality at this time. It can seem to me the Goddess calls us irrestibily, with mirth.
The succulent, sensual sunshine, as the Day hums with lazy life, buzzing and fluttering and buttering. Its not an invitation, its a pull, deliciously inescapable,  our bodies drop with the lazy warmth of the late summer Lammas.
 “Come,” she says, and theres no words for the warmth in her voice, “Come.”
Not here is the contraction of winter, tensing up against the cold. Warmth melts our bodies, melting our sinews, so our bodies roll golden with the long summery days as we walk, light  and close to the air. She melts the holding in our bodies and we receive more of our own life force. So lovingly She gifts us back to ourselves, this delicious earthy gift, of the flowing of life, the pouring of the shining of life to ourselves, in our cells. 
As Goddess gives, as Goddess provides all things at all times, and now so clearly, so abundantly with such abundance at this time, with such warm sparkling cheer. A Song of Lammas Goddess, a melody of merging, we melt and merge into Her liquid honey glow. Its rich!Such a rich time to to feel our bodies, feel Her love.
Caroline offers Shiatsu and Star-Light Energy. Contact the Goddess House to book a session with her.