Lila Lianna Rose

   Lila is a Sacred Medicine Singer, Divine Feminine Healer and Ceremonial space holder. She regularly holds transformative Cacao Ceremonies, Women’s Circles and Feminine Essence Yoga sessions, supporting the healing and reactivation of the Divine Feminine power. She also facilitates healing Ceremonial spaces for both men and women, often aligning with the seasonal Celtic calendar.

Lila is a certified Yoga teacher and has been holding private and group sessions for over 13 years in the UK and internationally. She’s also an experienced professional singer, being one half of the renowned Mantra duo- Illumina (3 albums available on Spotify, YouTube etc). As Illumina she has played in such prestigious venues as Alternatives in Piccadilly, Cecil Sharp House and the Royal Academy of Arts in London among others. She’s also held many sacred ceremonies, workshops, gong / sound baths and yoga retreats all over the country and beyond.

In private sessions Lila works with deep healing touch, medicine voice and sacred sound instruments. She has powerful psychic gifts and has worked professionally as a psychic using the Akashic Records.

“Thank you for our last womb healing session Lila… I instantly felt transported into a deep sacred space that was holding me in love and acceptance… Strong images came up and I had profound and surprising insights about some of my life patterns and conditioning from the ancestral line. This was not a mental understanding which I already had before, but a different kind of knowing that felt so healing.

At the end I felt activated and… satiated. It’s been a few weeks since, but I feel the work or better the magic of the session still continuing within me. So much gratitude for your very unique and magical work.”

1-1 bespoke Healing Sessions

Sessions incorporate one or more of the following modalities:

~ Akashic Records Guidance and Readings
~ Hands on Energy Healing
~ Womb Healing
~ Voice Activation
~ Divine Feminine Light Energy Transmission
~ Sound Healing with Voice, Light Language, Shamanic Drumming, Singing Bowl, Gong
~ Therapeutic Movement and Yoga
~ Sacred Chanting and Mantras

60 mins £111 / 90 mins £166 / 120 mins £222

Lila is also available for group Ceremonies as private bookings or for retreats.

Please see Lila’s website for more information and contact her there with any enquiries.