What is Lomi Lomi Massage? It is a style of massage that originated many generations ago in Hawaii and practised in families long before the missionaries came. They said it was sinful, all that touching on naked flesh, and banned it. But like other Polynesian traditions, such as the beautiful Hula dancing, it did not die out because of European decrees, but held securely in the hearts of the people until it was safe again to bring it back into the world. As with all things indigenous, there is a danger that the secret arts will be stolen, bit by bit, until they become the property of others, so for a time there was a reluctance to share with westerners. The men and women specialists in lomi lomi and spiritual keepers of sacred traditions held various lineage styles, handed down to new initiates in a complete form so the traditions would not be lost or watered down. Bit by bit they began to train western therapists in their art, rooted in Hawaiian philosophy of Aloha or Love. In many schools the initiate must keep to the traditional style, but this is hard for a flowing healer to resist creative improvisation as this too emanates from the heart. Styles then are ever evolving as each initiate grows in their art. Lomi Lomi means massage, to rub, to squeeze, to stroke and smooth, to claw like a cat on a blanket. It is a dance incorporating the movements and breath of the giver to keep the energy flowing and responding. It is a meditation, deeply connecting soul to soul as the giver moves over the receiver’s body. Lomi Lomi moves energy through the body, it moves the fluids of the body – blood and lymph- restoring their natural flow where they have become stagnant and blocked. It works deeply on the muscles, gently pressing, stretching and pulling so that the fibres and tendons relax and become supple once more.

Imagine you are by a sea, listening to the waves as they fall against the shore, maybe lying on the beach and feeling the water ebb and flow over your body. That is the rhythm of the lomi lomi massage, ebbing and flowing as hands and arms glide back and forth at a pace and pressure that is hypnotic and soothing. When the receiver surrenders into the flow, the experience is deeply nurturing and emotionally nourishing. This is a massage that is truly in the domain of Domnu, mother of the oceans, mother of the waters, the moon and the tides. Lomi Lomi offers her gift of cleansing, balancing, releasing, renewing through this queen of all massage styles.

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