V steaming or Yoni Steam or the good old Banho de Assento no Brasil. My mum and grandma would invite me to this every so often for ailments or sometimes to feel better and renew energies! Excellent self care routine 💖Love yourself! 
Functioning as a palliative to soothe symptoms of some diseases, the v-steaming does not cure, but it alleviates the discomforts of some pathologies. “V-steaming is indicated for vulvar irritations, that is, external, only for the relief of symptoms,” says Dr. Chazan Chazan, a gynecologist at the Chazan Clinic.
It is recommended, mainly, as palliative for the following diseases:
According to the Dictionary of Natural Medicine (Reader’s Digest) v-steaming can be made with four drops of medicinal essential oils, such as chamomile, myrrh or hemp oil. Or with baking soda.
“V-steaming  should not be done with just water, but associated with some skin soothing product and vulvar introitus, such as chamomile or myrrh ,” Dr. Chazan confirms.
How to do it:
It should be made with the product mixed in the water, at a pleasant temperature to the region in which it will be applied. This small care guarantees the desired relief effect (such as pain and itching), without thermal aggression of the skin.
“It should be repeated twice a day for three days, but remembering that is only a palliative and the cause must be investigated. and treated properly, “the specialist recommends.
Another recommendation is to stay for 5 to 10 minutes sitting or longer if necessary. . Then just wipe with a soft towel and leave the body part airy, that is, wear clothes that do not constrain the area.
If would like to try a Yoni Steam, contact Nandini Gibbins at Goddess House, this treatment is immensely transformative and held with love and care.