By Bee Helygen
This is the title of a course by the American Healer Caroline Myss I recently took. I have been following Caroline’s work since her days at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. My first introduction to her groundbreaking, pathfinding work was after I had done a card reading for a colleague at work. Nothing too dire had come up, just the usual relationship issues present in his life for a while, which he had failed to address – so far. This time however, each time I looked up at his face, I saw a dark shadow behind his left ear, right behind his earlobe. It seemed to be pulsating and my stomach turned each time I looked at it. Something slimy seemed to have invaded his system. I asked him how he had been feeling physically lately, and he admitted he had felt run down, low energy, unwell.
Something inside told me to urge him to see his GP and have some blood tests done, “don’t delay, go now” I heard.
Each day for the following week I greeted him in the morning with the question “have you made an appointment yet”?
In the end the power of nagging won the day and he went. Tests came back, results necessitated biopsies, cancer was diagnosed. It was my first time ‘feeling’ cancer in someone’s body.
Thankfully, early detection led to radiotherapy not chemotherapy, and each year for the last twenty years I have received an email on the anniversary of our reading saying “happy to say still alive, thanks to your spider senses.”
I love those emails, but I wanted to know more after that. Already on the Goddess path, and aware of the different layers present in the world, I knew there was something more. Searching for answers, I came across Caroline’s work. At first it seemed ludicrous, far fetched, preposterous – and yet, time after time her readings were confirmed by expensive and intrusive medical tests. It was like a finely tuned energy early warning system.
Caroline’s message is “just potluck psychic detection is not enough, this sense has to be honed like a fine laser point,” and I have come to realise the validity of that statement. When I was first volunteering at the hospital in Cardiff, sitting in the renal unit or oncology, I often had a sense of who was getting worse and who was recovering, despite having the same test results. It is my belief that once upon a time all medical personnel had this sense to a lesser or greater extent. they may still have it but are no longer using it. It is modern reliance on machinery which has replaced the ‘inner knowing’, and the fear of being sued ties their hands.
“Intuition is our primary skill in life”, according to Caroline. “Our interior sense of self is radically changing”, she explains. More and more, the paradigm shifts and “new” discoveries are recorded of mind expanding experiences with medical intuitive diagnosis of illness.
The first time I felt really comfortable using my psychic senses for healing openly, speaking them to my clients, was when I became a healer at Goddess House some two and a half years ago. In Goddess House it is our trust in Goddess, our connection to Her divine power, that gives individually the confidence to become a vessel for Her healing, and to let it flow through us.

So how does it work? For me it’s sonography… I use sound to scope out the dis-ease, whether physical, emotional or spritual. Most disease comes from disconnection to soul. My voice is my tool, or sometimes chimes, drum, crystal triangles and tuning forks. The body resonates at different frequencies and dis-ease resonates differently to the healthy state of being. My inner ‘sonograph’ picks them up during the diagnostic part of my healing sessions. It is like having one’s head stuck in an MRI machine.
Our thoughts and emotions have a strong effect on our biology. Caroline teaches that there are at least three types of biology: spiritual, physical and intuitive. Acknowledging our inner knowing & guidance, we surrender and listen to Goddess’s wise counsel, which can also help direct us to the place that needs healing in the client. If their soul connection is obscured, it can lead to pain and suffering. We can assist in reconnection.
I believe that the medical world is ready to be persuaded to integrate allopathic and intuitive medicine on a much larger scale than ever before in our time. The rising costs of tests and treatments becomes prohibitive for many ill patients. If a medical intuitive could guide the allopathic doctor to the source of the disease, unneeded tests could be eliminated. The ‘beast’ of costly medical bills could be tamed.
Those of us who cross the divide with their training, recovering and reclaiming for ourselves a status as healer of body, mind and soul, will in time become an integral part of health care provision in the world. As I am once again preparing to step forward into a hospital as a counsellor (sacred listeners) and complementary healing practitioner, I see a future of harmonious cooperation amongst health care practitioners of all fields, in unity for the purpose of healing wholeheartedly those who come to seek help.
I have faith in that.
Bee Helygen – Priestess of the Goddess Temple, Healer Therapist at Goddess House, Teacher of Priestess of Cerridwen GT Training