Moronoe is the Morgen of Autumn
Under the Moon on an Autumn night, let Moronoe’s Moonbreeze drift though your thoughts. Her Moonbreeze slips between the pages of your life and eddies around the empty places. Bringing a new deeper scent, a richer dust, an earthier tone.
Her Moonbreeze emanates from the Moon, the psychic sphere.
Goddess, mystery, reflection.
Moronoe’s Moonbreeze brings change as reality.
Her Moonbreeze is our fingertips fluttering through our Sibylline Chronicles.
Her Moonbreeeze is the song of Blackbird at midnight.
Her Moonbreeze is the current of the immense psychic and spiritual fields of the Moon running through our thoughts and ideas.
Her Moonbreeze slams open or shuts the doors and windows of our minds.
Her Moonbreeze drifts through the rooms of our “house”
Her Moonbreeze swirls together unlikely thoughts; easily and rapidly bringing through new realities, gathering momentum into whirlwinds of paradigm change.
Her Moonbreeze is the Beauty of Autumn leaves twirling into crunchy carpets.
Her Moonbreeze is timeless and of the moment.
Her Moonbreeze whispers through the crystal caves of our intellectual treasure houses.
Her Moonbreeze creates flurries, patterns, ripples and even waves in the deep pools of our subconscious.
Her Moonbreeze feeds the Dragon Fires of our imaginations.
Her Moonbreeze allows our bodies to cool; excess is shattered off, ideas become tempered. Action is planned.
Her Moonbreeze carries the newborn thistle fairies on their first adventures.
Her Moonbreeze supports millions of murmurating starlings as they return home across the Somerset levels in late glowing Autumn dusk.
Her Moonbreeze moves through ripening crops and fruits bringing flavour and intensity.
Her Moonbreeze is the Air beneath our Morgen wings as we fly.
Her Moonbreeze lifts the rags of our Morgen Cloaks as we land in the darkness to transform our reality.
Moronoe’s Moonbreeze is our outbreath.
Our considered action.
Our ecstatic sigh of completion.
Moronoe’s Moonbreeze is the Wind of Change.
Mary Bruce offers Morgen Transformational Healing and Morgen Faerie Blessings at Goddess House. She also teaches the Morgen Sibyl and Morgen Shapeshifter courses Get in touch with Goddess House to book a session with Mary.