Poised in balance of dark and light we can really appreciate our place in the universe. At this time, I would like to share Virasana, a pose used for meditation. As we practice we can pause and bring balance to our own lives.

The photo was taken at a friend’s house in Kerala, India, on a recent trip, but my daily practice was always indoors, on a firm floor. I only practice some seated postures outdoors due to the unevenness of ground generally.


  • Refreshes and relaxes tired leg
  • Stretches feet and ankles
  • Helpful for seated meditation
  • Works the shoulders and arms
  • Opens the chest and rib cage
  • Aids digestion

Knee problems:

  •  Sit on a folded blanket or a block to lift the lower back and make the legs comfortable
  •  Place a folded towel behind the knees to ease any strain
  •  If the feet or ankles are stiff, kneel on blankets with the feet over the edge


Start kneeling up. With the fingers draw the calf muscles from the backs of the knees towards the feet.
Sit between the legs, toes pointing back and touching the floor. Knees together.
Rotate shoulders, turn the arms out and place the hands on the feet, fingers on the toes.*(*Or just rest the wrists on the knees, palms facing up.)
Lift the trunk evenly on both sides and lengthen the spine upwards.
Look straight ahead with soft eyes, breathe evenly, and take the attention inwards.
Stay for up to 5 or 10 minutes.
To finish, rest the palms on the knees for a few moments. (At this point you can also interlock the fingers and stretch arms over the head, palms up, repeating with the opposite interlock.)
Straighten the legs slowly.

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