By Ann Pelsmaekers

A healthy balance of Fire within each one of us at this time of year translates in playful and joyous interaction, a dynamic force that is met with optimism and excitement.  The Heart is home to our Shen, our spirit.  A strong spirit shows in our whole presence, the way we act and conduct our lives.  Life becomes more sensual at this time, and the increasing warmth brings us new vigour and zest for life. Warmth comes not only from physical heat, but also through the interaction of friendships and relationships.  We come together to celebrate and share the emerging fire within us.  Summer time moves us into the wider world as we find our place within it, letting our Fire become an act of communication and communion.  The Heart, our own sun within us, sings with joy, yet dark shadows may loom as this sun is hidden and our Heart becomes oppressed. Just as there is an expectation of the sun’s presence at this time of year, it is a disappointment when it fails to appear. This can be noticeable within us as well.

Are you feeling the free flow and abundant expansiveness of your life force, or are there still some cobwebs to clear? Through acupuncture and Tui Na massage, Ann can assist you in unblocking stuck energy, so you can feel the fullness of your being. By inserting hair-thin needles into specific points on the body, acupuncture stimulates the nervous system and connective tissue, activating the body’s natural ability to come to balance.  Acupuncture also greatly helps with keeping seasonal allergies at bay. Tui Na massage or Chinese massage uses a wide range of techniques, with the aim of removing blockages, releasing stagnation, improving blood flow, losing tension and easing the mind.  Tui Na is also very effective in treating acute or chronic pain in muscles and joints, wear and tear and is excellent for stress relief. These modalities leave you feeling your life’s flow more freely, more abundantly, a return of vitality and passion for summer.