In 1917 Dr Edward Bach collapsed during his rounds on the ward where he cared for injured soldiers. He was rushed into surgery, a large tumour was removed from his bowel but he was told that he had, at most, 3 months to live. He returned to work, and later in life he always maintained, that it was his sense of purpose and his belief in alternative remedies, the healing power of the natural world, that saved his life. His research into homeopathic remedies eventually brought him to understand that it wasn’t only the physical properties of plants that healed, but also the more ephemeral parts – what the great shamans in the indigenous tribes across the world already knew – the essence and the spirit. Of Welsh descent, he returned to his heritage of healer, and reclaimed the knowledge of his land. In his first remedies he used only flowers, as he felt they were the highest expression of the plant. The most important ingredient though and one of his original 12 healers, was pure spring water, or as he called it: rock water.

Rock Water is part of the designated cures for Overcare for Welfare of Others. In our lives we all have people who need us. It is a wonderful thing to be present for others, as healers we know this calling to our compassion. It is a noble and kind gift to the world. Yet, when we become dependent on that feeling of being needed, when our ego drives us to ‘be strong’ and ‘please others’, even to our own health’s detriment, then we have to listen to our bodies, and our souls, telling us to be kind to ourselves. If we are constantly exhausted and tired, we are no good to anyone, and in dire danger of falling ill ourselves. Rock water was recommended by Dr. Bach when we “deny” ourselves “many of the joys and pleasures of life” because we may be afraid that it interferes with our work. I use Rock Water from the White Spring myself, charged up with the required hours of bright sunlight, to recharge my batteries and plan a more ‘conducive to health’ workload. Rock Water gives us clarity of mind, it allows us to see when we fall into unhelpful and unhealthy patterns.

Use the remedy whenever you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tasks waiting before you, but also take time to find a brook, a well, a spring and sit by it, taking time to watch the water babble over the stones at the bottom, and throw in your feelings of inadequacy, of not being enough, of needing to be needed, in order to count in the greater scheme of things. We all know about the cleansing properties of water here in the Goddess community, but this knowledge is by no means ours alone. Dr. Bach’s recommendations, and his use of spring water in every remedy, shows us that this is one of the most important carriers of healing in this world of ours.

Dip your hands into the cool water, let it rinse over your palm (healing chakra) and over your wrist pulse, letting all that does not nourish you flow into the water. Allow it to show you how truly amazing, capable and wonderful you really are.

Blessed Be

Bee – Bach Flower Practitioner at Goddess House