By Marta Wroblewska

Tuning forks are very powerful tools for shifting the vibrations of our whole energy system. They are made of a special aluminium alloy, and by generating different sound frequencies they can be applied on different parts of the body or around it.

Dissonance outside and inside the body’s energy field is caused by particles vibrating at a disharmonious frequency. All ailments can manifest themselves within the body as a consequence. Tuning Fork Therapy utilises the resonance process to produce benefits whereby the primary vibration can cause the secondary vibration so that they both start resonating at the same frequency.

As sound waves travel through the body’s energy field, they help to establish new patterns of balance, replacing the detrimental ones of ill health. A domino effect takes place while vibrational shift begins at a cellular level, encouraging the body to return to its natural harmony. These profound changes are initiated by unblocking meridian pathways. Also, by strengthening energetic centres – the chakras – it enables the body to distribute their own healing energy to the places where it is needed the most.

The benefits of Tuning Fork Therapy are wide ranging. The most common are soothing effects on the nervous system, tension release, relief from pain, relaxation and an energising of the body as well as uplifting the spirit in times of deep sorrow, grief and depression. I apply the Tuning Forks to certain health issues using my intuition and logical assessment of the patients symptomatic condition combined with a Body Scan to detect health problems.

There are different Tuning Fork sets for different purposes as follows:
  1. To repair DNA structure. The frequencies of forks for the DNA harmonise with the spinal cord, making appropriate changes in the structure of body cells. This can help with water stagnation, slowing down the aging process, opening the heart to unconditional love and can even help with genetic diseases.
  2. To restore functioning of the body’s main organs. These 12 Tuning Forks correspond to each of the major organs and essential parts of the physical body. These forks are tuned to the frequencies of healthy human tissue in, for example: the kidneys, pancreas, liver, stomach, bladder, brain, intestines, fat cells, lungs, muscles, colon, bones, blood, adrenals and gall bladder.
  3. To help to lose weight and improve body shape. Two tuning forks work on fat cells and muscles here.
  4. To open your soul to the Angelic Kingdom, Divine Guidance and connect with your Higher-Self. For this there is a set of three tuning forks.
  5. Detoxification and chakra cleansing and regulation.  For this process there is a set of 8 tuning forks – a Harmonic scale (C-C).
  6. 250 very common health problems and conditions.  Tuners that are different octaves of the note C are used here. They resonate with the deeper tones of the Earth and can be very effective when placed on points that have been used by Chinese practitioners in acupuncture and acupressure. The sound vibrates directly into bones to relax, align and restore ‘tone’ to body tissues.
  7. To improve brain function, vitality, longevity, restful sleep and to help remove toxins and pathogens. A Tuning Fork set stimulating the frequencies of Silica, Gold, Silver and Platinum is used here. Silica helps in the formation of collagen in bone, cartilage and connective tissue.

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