Beltane is the halfway mark for the sun to reach its zenith, signifying the beginning of summer. Life becomes more sensual at this time, and the increasing warmth brings us new vigour and zest for life.  A healthy balance of Fire within each one of us, at this time of year, translates in playful and joyous interactions, a dynamic force that is met with optimism and excitement.

Feeling your body and spirit-heart right now, has the Fire within you arisen from within your core? Are you feeling the free flow and abundant expansiveness of your life force rising up and out, or is there still some stagnation to clear?

To help ignite the Fire within you, I invite you to gift yourself a Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak.

Invigorating herbs are sourced directly from local farmers on the Tibetan plateau, and made potent through the heat of the water to promote change on a cellular level. These foot soaks improve blood circulation and immunity, eliminate toxins and regulate the nervous system so that deep relaxation can take place. Heat penetrating at the feet and allowing that heat to rise -like a fire with a kettle over it- will leave you feeling your inner flow more abundantly, welcoming a return of vitality and a passion to fully participate in the forthcoming summer.

Ann is a therapist in the house and will be offering Herbal Foot Soaks on Tuesday 30 April, 12-2pm – 30 mins session, £15.