By Bee Helygen

I am an unmothered child!

It has taken decades, thousands of £ for conventional therapy and a great deal of pain for me to be able to say this. An unmothered child is not always an orphan. It is a child in which the primal trust between mother and child has been broken. This break impacts on all relationships for the rest of that person’s life. It certainly did that to me. I didn’t understand what was causing my problems with intimacy with other people, the lack of trust, the expectation of being betrayed, of being left behind, excluded, like I was excluded from my own family, even if that was for all the right reasons. This pain is like a cancer, it grows when unmet and it can kill.

I can only be this honest and raw with you about this part of my soul journey because a few years ago I found something that healed the wound. Sure, it is still tender at times and I might go into that old behaviour pattern for a minute, but now I recognize it right away and can address it. From overcoming this blight of my life, that would eventually choke any happiness, came my passion for healing this wound. So many clients here at Goddess House come because they carry the wounds of the past with them each day. I completely believe that my sister healers and I can help. We don’t just address the physical pain but we also address the soul pain. We help heal the Mother Wound. We don’t have a magic wand but we have Goddess with us, She helps us heal, and then it’s up to the individual to continue the process, walk their path as we call it here in Avalon. If you feel you might benefit from a session, this month I am offering initial soul readings for £40. It will let us ‘see’ what is …. what may need addressing. We hold all in sacred trust. Blessed Be. 💓

Call Goddess House to make an appointment with Bee 🐝 – Priestess of Avalon and Priestess of Cerridwen, Dark Mother Goddess of the Wheel of Avalon.