Veronica Nelson Dodds

Astrology and Healing for Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit

​Veronica is a Holistic Astrologer working with the Physical Self (EARTH), the Feeling Self (WATER) the Thinking Self (AIR) and the Spiritual Self (FIRE).

An astrology reading can give us self-understanding and self awareness which enables us to have more power over our lives in a way that most people do not believe is possible. It can give us the capacity and tools to liberate ourselves from unwanted feelings, behaviours and situations and provide a sense of meaning and purpose to our lives. In a world where so often we could become victims of unwanted social structures and institutions, created by those in power, in my view, the only true freedom in within us – inner liberation. We can aim for a state of being where we are at peace with who we are – each one of us as individual as our finger prints. Our Birth Chart is a map of our Solar System at the moment of our birth, symbolising our own unique arrangement of energy or life force. As Mother Earth is constantly in motion, turning on her axis, so are we, with the potential for growth and change always available to us, both without and within.

Veronica is also a Reiki Healer and Reiki Master who believes that the essential simplicity and High Vibration of the Universal Life Force (REI KI) has the potential to bring healing to every form of life on our Planet Earth. Rei ki can also be used in conjunction with traditional medicine to accelerate recovery. It is non-invasive treatment which takes place while fully dressed. For those who prefer not to be touched, it is equally effective with the healer’s hands a slight distance above the body.

As an Astrologer and Healer she asks before every session that it be for the Highest Good of the recipient and hand it over to an Intelligence greater than hers – for each person’s truth is theirs and theirs alone, not to be judged or interfered with by the human self.

Veronica will be offering Birth Chart and Forecast Readings, Solar Return Chart Readings, Synastry or Relationship Readings (partners, parent/child, siblings) and Readings for Children or Babies.