Vicky Ivanovic 

Vicky offers a unique combination of Past Life Regression and Reiki. She is a Priestess of Goddess, Healer, Reiki master and a Past Life Regression Practitioner. A naturally gifted and intuitive Healer, Vicky began her journey with Spiritual Healing in her early teens. She has spent her life learning about spirituality and has trained in many different healing modalities, giving her nearly thirty years’ experience. She has been a certified Reiki master and Spiritual Healer for over twenty years. She has also been on her own personal healing journey with Regression Therapy and has found it to be an incredibly useful tool in gaining understanding, clarity and peace of mind.

Some of the reasons you might seek Past Life Regression are:

Unusual connections to places, people, cultures
Phobias and/or fears
Re-occurring emotional issues or patterns
Re-occurring dreams
Unexplained health issues
And more…

Reiki can be calming, energising, grounding, re-balancing, uplifting and more. The combination of Past Life Regression and Reiki work very well together. The experience is very relaxing and sometimes emotional.  Expect to gain insight, clarity and understanding about your issue and the gentle balancing of Reiki will assure you leave Goddess house feeling bright, grounded and re-centred.

Vicky also offers Lomi Lomi massage to women. Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage. Otherwise known as “loving hands massage” the strokes in Lomi Lomi are light, slow and sensual. It is a deeply healing, soothing and relaxing massage, perfect for calming an overactive mind or a weary soul. Vicky can also combine Lomi Lomi massage with Reiki, tailoring your experience to suit your needs and to heal specific issues.